Playing cupid at DOMOTEX
Some of the most creative ideas at DOMOTEX 2019 can be found in the Framing Trends area in Hall 9, where a project launched by Wismar University is taking the search for love to new heights.

Dubbed "A Match", the dating game hosted at DOMOTEX 2019 is drawing on the megatrend of connectivity to build a bridge to this year's lead theme "Create'n'Connect". The concept, developed by Sarah Busching, is based on the idea of people communicating with each other via an interactive machine-based connection. The exhibit is essentially a double swing, but with a partition dividing the two swings so the occupants can't see each other. An on-screen display shows an animated graphic depicting the back-and-forth motion of the swings (and nothing else), giving the potential pair a chance to get on the same wavelength.

If they manage to swing in sync, they’re classed as a match and cameras stream a live video of the pair. Those left yearning for more after such a harmonious experience at this year’s DOMOTEX can access additional data - such as images, graphics and analyses - via an app specially developed for the game. "A Match" thus hopes to quite literally sweep people off their feet - a bold link to the fair’s key theme of flooring. What's more, by creating an interactive machine-based connection between two people and then incorporating data processing, the exhibit is also a nod to the human carousel we call Tinder.

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, then perhaps Wismar University’s second project will appeal. Known as "connect it3", this exhibit was developed by Sarah Strenge based on the keywords "analog", "interactive" and "together". Using various haptic effects of rugs, carpets and floor coverings, it allows visitors to DOMOTEX to establish creative connections and immerse themselves fully in the "Create'n'Connect" theme.

Framing Trends: Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design (23966 Wismar, Germany), Hall 9, Stand C26,
Contact: Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Hantke
Tel.: +49 3841 753-7225

Say goodbye to that pesky fluff
Xetma Vollenweider is at DOMOTEX 2019 to showcase X-TRACT XCP. This compact carpet pile cleaning machine for woven and tufted carpets efficiently and reliably removes the loose fibers left on the carpet pile after manufacturing.

For more than 130 years, the Xetma Vollenweider brand has been synonymous with top quality, reliability and durability when it comes to shearing for all kinds of woven and tufted carpets, needle felts and now even artificial turf. While carpets and runners made from synthetic fibers such as viscose or acrylic only really come into their own once they've been properly finished, woolen carpets require a particularly intensive pile treatment and deep clean before shearing. It’s therefore fair to say the demands placed on manufacturers of finishing technology are as diverse as the floor coverings and materials themselves, which is why Xetma Vollenweider offers bespoke finishing solutions that boast optimum quality and performance.

At DOMOTEX 2019, Xetma Vollenweider is presenting its newly developed X-TRACT XCP - a compact carpet pile cleaning machine for woven and tufted carpets. Designed to efficiently and reliably remove those pesky loose fibers left on the pile after manufacturing acrylic, viscose or woolen carpets, this cutting-edge solution aims to provide manufacturers with immaculate floor coverings that can go straight on sale.

Xetma Vollenweider GmbH (08280 Aue, Germany), Hall 5, Stand B44
Contact: Karsten Heinz
Tel.: +49 3771-293 222

A cut above the rest
The specialty of Erhardt+Leimer lies in developing automation technology for moving webs, which it offers in a range of industries with varying levels of integration. The company is now heading to DOMOTEX 2019 to show off its cutting devices and latest web guiding systems.

The SWS 9430 segmented roller guider system on show in Hannover is a digital web guiding system in a pedestal design for the exceptionally gentle alignment of virtually all textile webs. While a center support makes it ideal for working widths up to 7,200 mm, the guiding slats divided in the middle are designed to allow the material to spread in width while it is being guided, so it can be passed on to the next process downstream without any longitudinal creases. The compact design of the SWS 9430 is said to make it perfect for use at the infeed of coating units or the exit of accumulators.

Another highlight is the ELGUIDER DRS 71, a web guiding system with a rugged frame, built-in control technology and a separate operating unit for optimum web correction, which can reportedly withstand web tensions of up to 2,000 N. Also taking to the DOMOTEX stage is the ELCUT BTB 01 web cutting device, which trims moving fabric webs at the edges to the exact width required. Following a tried-and-tested shearing cut principle, this device uses powered top and bottom blades to ensure edges are precise and clear-cut. Users can also choose from different blade sets to suit different materials, with the web cutting device predominantly installed after the last process stage, just before rewinding.

Erhardt + Leimer GmbH (86391 Stadtbergen, Germany), Hall 11, Stand B29
Contact: Hannelore Leimer
Tel.: +49 821 2435-0

A metallic finish - at no extra cost
Korpela Flooring is at DOMOTEX to reveal its SUVI Metallic Vision collection. Robust yet lavish with a subtle metal shimmer, this woven vinyl flooring is the perfect addition to any indoor public space.

Korpela Flooring from Western Finland specializes in manufacturing woven vinyl floor coverings. Established in the late 1960s, the decades of experience this family-run company has built up in the weaving business is enough on its own to vouch for the outstanding quality of its floor coverings. The Korpela Flooring showcase at DOMOTEX 2019 includes the SUVI Metallic Vision collection, which sets out to create a look of luxury with a subtle metallic shimmer.

According to the manufacturer, SUVI Metallic Vision is particularly suited as an interior design solution for public spaces such as offices, hotels, banks, schools and retail stores. The woven vinyl floors can be walked on as soon as they’ve been laid - a process that involves minimum fuss. The material's water- and dust-repellent properties also ensure the floors are hygienic and easy to clean. There are fifty colors in total to choose from, which either come in rolls that are 50, 70 or 200 cm in width, or as tiles measuring 25 x 50 cm, 50 x 50 cm or 100 x 100 cm. If none of those take your fancy, you can also opt for triangular tiles.

Korpela Flooring Oy (62295 Kauhajärvi, Finland), Hall 12, Stand C79
Contact: Tanja Olli
Tel.: +358 40 7660004

Hot off the press!
CEFLA S.C. is making the journey from Italy to DOMOTEX 2019 to present its new single-pass printer J-PRINT TD, which uses a fast and cost-effective digital printing process to create tactile surface effects.

CEFLA is renowned as one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of coating, decorating and digital printing solutions for various materials and substrates. Its new single-pass printer J-PRINT TD, which is on show for the first time at this year’s DOMOTEX, is designed to create relief-like tactile effects – achieving resolutions of up to 400 dpi and speeds reaching 50 meters per minute.

Using special inks, this state-of-the-art printer is said to be able to produce both positive and negative tactile effects to an exceptionally realistic standard in a process that is equally reliable and cost effective. The J-PRINT TD is delivered in a preset standard position and can be configured for a maximum of two positions. Its graphics software enables it to print high-definition grayscale images using its top-quality print heads. Grayscale DOD (Drop on Demand) technology - considered cutting-edge on the digital printing market - is used on the J-PRINT TD as standard. The machine also employs a system that circulates the ink through the print heads to extend the intervals between cleaning operations. Last but not least, specially designed ink reservoirs and the automatic control of all core parameters such as temperature, flow and circuit pressure, ensure optimum ink management.

CEFLA S.C. (40026 Imola, Italy), Hall 13, Stand C01
Contact: Silver Santandrea
Tel.: +39 0542 653111
Mobile: +39 335 8010834

Bringing nature indoors
The 100% wool rugs in the Monasch by Best Wool collection are celebrating their world premiere at DOMOTEX 2019. This striking new range is based on four pillars - health, sustainability, craftsmanship and comfort.

It's no secret that wool rugs contribute toward a healthier home and a better night's sleep. Firstly, this is thanks to virgin wool’s natural cellular structure, which filters fine floating particles such as dust and pollen from the air meaning they can be vacuumed up with minimum fuss and, secondly, because the material neutralizes harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Since it grows back and is completely biologically degradable, virgin wool is also extremely sustainable.

"When it comes to interior design and fashion, everything revolves around natural materials and sustainability," believes Best Wool's managing director Yvar Monasch, adding: "Yet comfort and luxury are just as important, which is why virgin wool has regained its popular status - really, it never went out of fashion." Monasch, after whom the new Monasch by Best Wool collection of woolen rugs is named, is keen to point out that Best Wool is one of the top three wool specialists in the world, supplying numerous well-known brands both at home and abroad. All the new Monasch rugs are designed to meet individual customer's specific requirements, with a selection of twelve different qualities to choose from in various colors and sizes. In keeping with the company’s stringent quality standards, Monasch says it uses only first-rate virgin wool sourced from New Zealand and Europe. What’s more, customers can also specify the edging for their rug, with linen, felt, leather and an invisible finishing to choose from.

Best Wool Carpets B.V. (5683 CR Best, the Netherlands), Hall 11, Stand B37
Contact: Marc Hegger
Tel.: +31-652728686

Doing a good deed with artificial turf
Christoph Metzelder is taking to the stage at DOMOTEX 2019 to present his foundation, which has been dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children since 2006. Besides discussing specific projects, he will be speaking about the urgent need to support children living on and below the poverty line as early as possible.

How can a former German soccer star, his charitable foundation and a floor covering trade fair work together to make a real and lasting difference? One answer is "with artificial turf", as Franz Reinkemeier GmbH, one of Germany's leading artificial turf specialists, is actively supporting the Christoph Metzelder Foundation to help give children from disadvantaged backgrounds a better start in life. At DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, retired soccer player Christoph Metzelder is promoting his foundation and the specific projects it carries out. First and foremost, however, he will be speaking about the urgent need to support children living on or below the poverty line at the earliest opportunity.

This year's trade fair provides the perfect setting for such an important discussion, particularly in view of its motto "CREATE'N'CONNECT", which links to the question of how we will live and work in the future. "Our actions today create the society of tomorrow. To ensure we can all make our mark, regardless of our social background, it's important we start turning our attention to the weakest members of society and prepare them for a bright future," says the foundation's creator.

Bernhard Reinkemeier, co-owner of Franz Reinkemeier GmbH, explains why artificial turf is the ideal product to support the foundation: "Artificial turf today is soft, high-quality and bright green - and is currently experiencing a huge boom. We are harnessing this trend for the greater good. The Christoph Metzelder Foundation does fantastic work and, from our point of view, is doing exactly what’s needed!" Metzelder adds: "If we are to carry on and expand our project work, we need money, and a lot of our funding comes from donations. Collaborations such as the one with Franz Reinkemeier GmbH are a massive help to us. So we are looking forward to meeting lots of visitors at DOMOTEX - the more the better!"

Franz Reinkemeier GmbH (33397 Rietberg, Germany), Hall 7, Stand C22
Contact: Heinrich Reinkemeier
Tel.: +49 5244-921-0

Laying revolutionary foundations with cork
WICANDERS is at DOMOTEX 2019 to applaud cork as the ideal floor covering and demonstrate its Corkcomfort product range, which follows a flooring philosophy aimed at turning the traditional concept of cork floors on its head.

The cries for sustainability are growing louder, which can be largely explained by the relentless headlines prophesizing an uncertain future for our planet. Cork has already been fulfilling this role for centuries, which explains why it's currently more popular than ever before. Besides the cork trees themselves serving as a symbol for sustainability, the processing of this wood is also extremely kind to the environment. Compared to most alternatives, cork floor coverings offer fundamental advantages, as the material is naturally comfortable, warm to the touch and absorbs noise - to name but a few examples. Anyone keen to discover all there is to know about cork floor coverings is advised to head straight to the WICANDERS stand at DOMOTEX 2019.

WICANDERS is a brand name owned by cork specialist Amorim Revestimentos. The Portuguese company is showcasing a wealth of solutions in Hannover, including its Corkcomfort range, which is set to revolutionize the traditional concept of cork flooring. Creating a form of symbiotic fusion, Corkcomfort breathes new life into the appearance of ceramics, stone, metal and leather and thus gives cork a renewed chance to shine in interior spaces. The wide range of uniquely proportioned and one-of-a-kind surfaces create all kinds of environments, which the cork serves to enhance with its functional properties and natural beauty. Products from the Corkcomfort range get their extra flair from highly sophisticated texturization, painting and faceting processes that lend rooms depth and intensity while opening up further options in terms of design. All this sets out to transform Corkcomfort into an unprecedented approach to esthetics that brings nature into harmony with human perceptions.

Amorim Revestimentos S.A. (4536-907 S. Paio Oleiros, Portugal), Hall 12, Stand C45
Contact: Tomas Cordes
Tel.: +49 4221 59301

In fantastic shape
The new decorative Shapes wood flooring collection is the latest advance in the creative system developed over the years by CP Parquet using 3D mosaics and square tiles. This evolution builds on three core elements - design, the Made in Italy quality label and a healthy obsession with detail.

It was a passion for nature and quality that inspired the foundation of the wood flooring specialist CP Parquet 37 years ago in the Italian town of Crespano del Grappa. From the outset, this family-run enterprise has always insisted on using only the very best wood with a view to creating refined wooden floors for the high-end market that are sustainable and safe for humans - a principle that it upholds to this day. With this in mind, all processing takes place at its facilities in Italy, with each and every stage of production subject to stringent monitoring. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover now have a great opportunity to witness the outcome of such dedicated and careful work for themselves.

The premiere of the new Shapes collection is sure to draw crowds, with its innovative geometric patterns lending floors fascinating decorative effects that produce a fantastically dynamic, avant-garde look. The use of wooden elements in different colors and shapes gives rise to evocative, modular textured patterns. This intriguing juxtaposition of innovation with tradition falls perfectly in line with CP Parquet’s original spirit and creates striking one-off compositions, which, when constructed by hand, convey ultimate craftsmanship.

CP Parquet S.r.l. (31017 Crespano del Grappa, Italy), Hall 13, Stand D71/1
Contact: Manuel Ghegin
Tel.: +39 0423 53305

The 30 carpet makers from Afghanistan
After gaining wide support from institutions at home and abroad, 30 Afghan carpet makers have made the long journey to Hannover to showcase their master craftsmanship in person at DOMOTEX 2019.

India, Iran and Pakistan claim the lion’s share of the market of hand-knotted carpets, altogether accounting for some 55 percent of business. Although it also enjoys a long-standing reputation for high-quality carpets, Afghanistan lags way behind the "big three" at just one percent - and the current global climate would suggest that this imbalance isn't something that can be corrected overnight. All the same, Afghanistan has picked out DOMOTEX 2019 to kick-start a remarkable initiative aimed at attracting greater market attention. With the aid of a string of national and international institutions, 30 Afghan carpet makers have been invited to travel to Hannover to present and explain their masterpieces in person at the world’s leading fair for floor coverings.

These 30 suppliers use their exquisite traditional craftsmanship to create stunning works of art to decorate all kinds of floors and even walls - but also with the aim of expanding their business and, of course, feeding their families. This, in turn, helps to bolster the economic development the nation so urgently needs. In support of this undertaking, in September the Afghanistan Exporters Club - an organization headquartered in Kabul that specializes in promoting and facilitating export trade - launched the Afghan Treasure label, which besides extraordinary Afghan carpets, represents a whole host of other certified, high-quality and luxury products made in the country. Thanks to this initiative, buyers in Europe now have the unprecedented opportunity to get their hands on Afghan Treasure-verified carpets from a country renowned for its timeless craftsmanship.

Ministry of Commerce and Industries of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (1004 Kabul, Afghanistan), Hall 3, Stand J16
Contact: Elizabeth Muir
Mobil: +1 202 437 5794

Another one bites the dust!
Purissimo is an innovative technology from Belgian company Devan Chemicals. Specially designed to rid textiles of the allergens emitted by our feline and canine friends, this product's trade fair launch is sure to prove a real breath of fresh air.

Some 65 percent of U.S. households own a pet according to the American Pet Products Association - and even in Europe, around a third of us share a roof with our furry friends. Researchers suspect that the growing popularity for owning a pet and the resulting close contact between humans and animals will see us exposed to a greater number of allergens and thus potentially spark an increase in pet allergies. With this prospect firmly in mind, Devan Chemicals is heading to DOMOTEX 2019 to demonstrate Purissimo as a very timely solution, inspired by the long-standing success of Purotex - its effective allergen-reduction technology that has been used in the bedding industry for more than a decade.

Slashing the dust mite population by more than 99 percent, Purotex is an established preventative strategy for effectively lowering the risk of allergic reactions to these pesky critters. But because allergens aren't just limited to beds and house dust mites, the Belgian company set out to find other solutions that would diminish the risk of health problems related to allergic reactions. The researchers from Devan Chemicals finally came up with a technology based on probiotic bacteria to fight off allergies that can be triggered by pets such as cats (Fel d 1 allergens) and dogs (Can f 1 allergens). Anyone keen to find out more has the perfect opportunity to do so at DOMOTEX 2019, where they can examine the initial test results - which demonstrate a major reduction of 92.8 percent in cat hair allergens (Fel d 1) for the treated samples.

Because pet allergens can even be found in pet-free homes, this latest innovation from Devan Chemicals is also highly relevant for all kinds of public spaces such as schools, hospitals, libraries and agency offices to help prevent 'second-hand exposure'. Purissimo's developers are aiming this cutting-edge solution at treating household textiles such as carpets, curtains, furnishings and much more.

Devan Chemicals NV (9600 Ronse, Belgium), Hall 11, Stand B07, co-exhibitor with Fedustria
Contact: Felix Vanassche
Tel.: +32 55 33 57 27

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