Calmer karma thanks to BioGeometry?
Can rugs metaphysically create revitalizing oases of tranquility? Prado Rugs from Egypt certainly thinks so and is demonstrating how it claims to achieve this with the inspirational collection it's unveiling at DOMOTEX 2019 - the first rugs in the world to follow the principles of BioGeometry.

Prado Rugs - a leading manufacturer and exporter of machine-made rugs since 2010, located in the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids - has chosen DOMOTEX 2019 to stage the world premiere of its first collection of exquisite BioGeometry-inspired rugs. The architect and philosopher Dr. Karim Ibrahim has already spent more than 45 years working on BioGeometric principles with the aim of developing metaphysical concepts for use in practical and applied science. The essence of BioGeometry lies in harnessing subtle energies and using special techniques to generate balance and harmony in life - for instance through certain constellations of shapes, colors and numbers, among many other things.

Thus the aim of BioGeometry is to create oases of healing - comparable with the spiritual sites all over the world that humans seek out to re-energize themselves as if from a mystical power supply. The special geometric patterns woven into the BioGeometry-inspired rugs from Prado Rugs are designed to achieve a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain to help create a tranquil environment within people’s own homes. In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2019, Prado Rugs announced that people trialing this collection of rugs for the first time reported a heightened state of awareness combined with improved cognitive functioning and powers of concentration. The company also points out that independent scientific studies have confirmed the positive health effects of BioGeometric shapes on the numerous biological systems inherent in humans, animals and even plants. Any doubters are warmly invited to take this unique opportunity to sample the effects of BioGeometry during DOMOTEX 2019.

Prado Egypt For Carpet (11301 Giza, Egypt), Hall 5, Stand E12
Contact: Ehab Eid
Tel.: +20 11 111 54105

No better way to enter new markets
Basmat is at DOMOTEX 2019 to roll out a new concept in entrance matting made from aluminum strips that click together to form a continuous surface, akin to the systems used widely in laminate flooring. It has surely never been quicker and easier to make an impressive entrance!

The resounding success of the highly innovative Basmat-brand entrance matting, originally owned by the leading Spanish manufacturer of decorative floor profiles Baglinox, prompted Basmat to branch out on its own as an independent company in June 2009. It wasn't long before the spin-off became a market leader in its own right in this segment in Spain. Basmat has now set its sights on conquering Europe and further-flung regions throughout the world. And how better to launch this quest than by appearing at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, where Basmat is showcasing its original product for the first time - aluminum entrance matting based on a patented click system.

The connecting framework in question opens up endless installation possibilities. Why limit yourself to a conventional, stand-alone mat plonked at the door when you can install an attractive floor covering to seamlessly fit any entrance zone. The idea is to offer architects, designers and anyone planning a building an appealing alternative that not only forms an effective barrier against dirt but also creates a very eye-catching entrance. The Basmat click system for installing the aluminum-based entrance matting strips couldn't be any quicker or easier. Each element is pre-cut to the customer’s specified dimensions before leaving the factory and delivered with the full installation kit. What's more, customers can rest assured that should any modifications unexpectedly be required during the fitting process on site, these can easily be accommodated.

Baglinox S.L. (31160 Orcoyen, Spain), Hall 13, Stand E31
Contact: Manuel Urra
Tel.: +34 0948 290552

We've never sawn anything like it!
The new-generation DSB Twinhead NG XM modular thin-cutting band saw from Wintersteiger Woodtech is designed to set new standards in lamella production.

The mechanical engineering expert Wintersteiger AG from Upper Austria has specialized in niche markets with impressive success since its inception in 1953. One of the main strands of the Group is its Woodtech division, which is highly renowned for its state-of-the-art thin-cutting technology, used all over the world for manufacturing lamellas. The company's ability to ensure narrow kerfs, finest accuracy, a ready-to-glue surface and immediate further processing of the lamellas without the need for any interim steps offers major advantages to its industrial customers. Its extensive product range encompasses thin-cutting frame saws and band saws, blade sharpening machines, carbide and Stellite® saw blades, and technologies for gluing and pressing. Wintersteiger is attending DOMOTEX 2019 to showcase its new modular DSB Twinhead NG XM thin-cutting band saw.

The letters NG stand for New Generation - reflecting the company's steely determination to set entirely new standards with the DSB Twinhead NG XM. The compact basic configuration with a cutting width of up to 310 millimeters and a kerf starting at 1.0 millimeter in the core two-module version achieves previously unknown efficiency and thus an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. Even on its own, the core machine already generates significant economic benefits in lines such as parquet flooring, laminate boards, furniture, windows or doors. The innovative design of the DSB Twinhead NG XM ensures maximum ease of access to all the sawing units and its mechanical parts, despite its appreciably more compact format. On top of all that, the time taken for set-up, adjustments and changing the blades has been minimized thanks to ergonomic improvements.

Wintersteiger AG Woodtech (4910 Ried, Austria), Hall 13, Stand E32
Contact: Max Bachmann
Tel.: +43 7752 919 388

Backing sustainability
Some of the best slogans involve a clever play on words. A prime example can be found at the Freudenberg Performance Materials stand at this year's DOMOTEX, where you can find a showcase of durable yet eco-friendly products under the slogan "Sustainable Backings".

Freudenberg Performance Materials SE & Co. KG. is seizing the opportunity to present a comprehensive range of products for top-notch textile floor coverings at DOMOTEX 2019. Manufactured using in-house technology, Freudenberg's polyester spunlaids are said to provide the ideal solution for high-quality primary and secondary backings for carpet tiles, broadloom carpets and walk-off mats. Their developers say these nonwovens provide excellent dimensional stability, reliable and precise pattern repeat, exceptional lay-flat properties, and a constant uniform surface. What's more, the non-fraying edges make it easy to lay individual carpet tiles or wall-to-wall applications with precision.

Tuft backings from Freudenberg are designed to help carpet manufacturers create products that combine high-performance with sustainability, thus reducing their environmental footprint. Besides being made from recycled polyester, the company's tuft backings are also 100% recyclable and free from chemical binding agents. After all, Freudenberg takes environmental issues very seriously, firmly anchoring sustainability in its corporate principles and values, and putting this into practice in numerous projects to reduce energy, water and raw material consumption.

This year, the company is focusing on DOMOTEX’s keynote theme "Create'n'Connect" and inviting visitors to venture into a seemingly natural environment. With this in mind, its stand carpet is based on a tuft backing created using first-class digital printing technology. Sylvie Meyer, Sales Manager Tuft Europe at Freudenberg Performance Materials, is sure the concept will prove a hit: "In the midst of all the trade fair hustle and bustle, we can imagine people longing to walk barefoot on soft natural ground. Visiting us will be like diving into an oasis of nature - the ideal atmosphere for talking with our customers about building a sustainable future together."

Freudenberg Performance Materials SE & Co. KG. (67661 Kaiserslautern, Germany), Hall 11, Stand B53
Contact: Holger Steingraeber
Tel.: +49 6201 80 6640

A particularly prestigious parquet
The new "Carcassonne" three-layer parquet collection from Lamett has been developed with the ambitious goal of creating a solution that takes an impressive step forward from all previous rustic-look floors.

Originally founded in 1985 as one of Sweden's very first laminate flooring brands, Lamett changed course in 2004, making a name for itself as the perfect partner for multi-layer and solid parquet projects that demand that little bit extra. Today, Lamett manufactures in both Asia and Europe and sells its parquet and laminate flooring in more than 40 countries. Its current core markets include the UK, the United States, France, Italy, Belgium, Australia and China, but DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover - where Lamett is showcasing solutions such as its new "Carcassonne" three-layer parquet collection - could well see the company flourish on the German market, too.

The explicit aim behind developing "Carcassonne" was to capture architects' and end-consumers' imagination with a parquet flooring that looks streets ahead of all previous rustic-effect floors. The manufacturers believe they have achieved precisely that with an innovative, complex process of treating the boards' top layers made of European oak. Apparently, this isn’t the only way "Carcassonne" makes a unique impression. The floor's wide, long planks - embellished with open knots and fissures - are elaborately treated by hand and individually inspected to meet the creative aspirations of demanding design aficionados who rightly refuse to comprise on elegance or authenticity.

Lamett Europe NV (8540 Deerlijk, the Netherlands), Hall 12, Stand C58
Contact: Joyce Verfaillie
Tel.: +32 56 65 36 21

The return of vintage
Stäubli - a specialist provider of mechatronic solutions for connectors, robotics and textile machinery - is at DOMOTEX 2019 to present an impressive range of carpet samples woven on machines from its versatile ALPHA 500 series.

Among the samples on show at DOMOTEX 2019, visitors can find "vintage" carpets - the ultimate must-have in the sector today - that catch the eye with their seemingly aged appearance. In response to the carpet industry's search for solutions with an authentic vintage feel, Stäubli has launched a new range of special carpet systems called Schönherr. Featuring the company’s new and creative MAGIC WEFT Effect DUO binding technology, they are designed to give carpets a realistic used look by weaving the all-important gradual transition from the cut pile to a pure weft pattern.

Stäubli has also tapped into the trend of outdoor carpets, bringing stylish interior designs to the outside world. Woven outdoor carpets manufactured with Stäubli’s versatile Schönherr binding technology offer additional benefits in terms of weather resistance and boast a long service life under harsh conditions. But you don’t have to take our word for it - why not explore the wide range of carpet samples on show at the Stäubli stand, which demonstrate the immense wealth of design options that can be achieved using the exceptionally versatile weaving machines from the ALPHA 500 series.

Stäubli Bayreuth GmbH (95448 Bayreuth, Germany), Hall 6, Stand G43
Contact: Joel Jegou
Tel.: +33 450 64 31 68

Taking interior luxury outdoors
At DOMOTEX 2019, the highlights on show by the Swiss flooring specialist Li & Co AG include the premiere of its lavish LICO Outex Design outdoor flooring, developed with discerning customers firmly in mind.

LICO has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1989 - over the years evolving into a state-of-the-art, pioneering and highly successful global production powerhouse. It is now one of the leading companies in the flooring sector and particularly renowned for its quality, flexibility, innovation and reliability. By continuously developing its production facilities, LICO has succeeded in unstintingly holding its own against manufacturers with lower wage structures to offer a virtually unbeatable price-performance ratio. The trailblazing Swiss company is showcasing a number of exciting innovations at DOMOTEX 2019, including its new LICO Outex Design outdoor flooring.

Boasting a wide range of attractive designs that combine an authentic wooden appearance with rugged durability, LICO Outex Design is meticulously crafted to appeal to the most exacting connoisseurs. It goes without saying that the practical non-slip surface, which is seamlessly applied to thermally treated, robust wooden planks, is weather-resistant. This special combination also ensures that LICO Outex Design is simple to clean and virtually maintenance-free. The heat-resistant characteristics achieved by this patented technology make the flooring ideal for sprucing up terraces, swimming pool surroundings, garden paths, summer houses, and spa and wellness facilities. The broad range of design options is bound to spoil discerning customers for choice.

Li & Co. AG (7537 Müstair, Switzerland), Hall 12, Stand C27
Contact: Edwin Lingg
Tel.: +41 81 8503838

If carpets had family trees
Hanse Home Collection GmbH is showcasing a sumptuous selection of rugs, runners and mats at DOMOTEX 2019. Bound to stand out from the crowd is a rug that resembles a cross-section of tree trunk that's designed to bring a slice of nature into the home.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2008, Hanse Home Collection GmbH (HHC) has been thoroughly dedicated to promoting the manufacture and sale of home-enhancing rugs and mats. Having started off as a family business, which already laid a solid foundation for future success during the early 1990s, HHC quickly advanced to conquer the premium segment as the partner of choice for many leading international manufacturers. Its extensive and diverse portfolio boasts numerous popular brands such as "Hanse Home", "Mint Rugs", "Bougari", "Schöngeist & Petersen" and "Zala Living", ranging from designer luxury to colorful children's rugs and hard-wearing mats. Its end-to-end spectrum is fully reflected at DOMOTEX 2019, including a particularly striking "tree trunk" effect that's designed to bring a slice of the outdoors into homes.

By authentically replicating a tree-trunk cross-section, the unusual design of this machine-knotted, two-meter-wide, contoured rug from the "Zala Living" brand cannot fail to add a truly eye-catching highlight to any indoor room. Its polyamide fibers make the rug exceptionally robust and low-maintenance, while the anti-slip backing ensures a sure footing even on smooth surfaces. What’s more, it can even be used in rooms that benefit from underfloor heating.

Hanse Home Collection GmbH (25335 Elmshorn, Germany), Hall 7, Stand C29
Contact: Said Soleman Taher
Tel.: +49 4101 8696601

Slate of the art
The designer flooring specialist Green-Flor from Taiwan is spreading its wings by concocting designs that cater specifically to European tastes, including a high-class collection that replicates slate.

Taiwan has earned a global reputation for leading the field in high-tech electronics, but its Far Eastern flair in crafting designer floors has so far remained more of a secret - at least in Europe, that is. However, the Green-Flor brand belongs to a group of companies that has been actively involved in flooring production and projects, wholesale and retail trade for 40 years. The Group has earned itself a reputation as the number-one name for dedication, sustainability and cutting-edge technology in its native Asian market. In fact, it has already made successful inroads into foreign markets and is now turning its sights on Europe, with a series of specially designed creations for this purpose. The highlights of the company's showcase at DOMOTEX 2019 include "Prime Inspiration", an LVT collection that boasts charming natural slate effects.

"Prime Inspiration" cleverly captures the intrinsic link that stone forms between nature and the ground beneath our feet. Exuding stone's timeless tranquility, the collection serenely rolls elegance and functionality into one. One of natural stone's virtually infinite forms is slate - a fine-grained, metamorphic rock that's both impenetrable and stain-resistant. Considering the often prohibitively high extraction costs attached to premium-quality genuine slate, the large tiles in the "Prime Inspiration" collection from Green-Flor provide a very affordable, deceptively authentic alternative. What's more, there's the full spectrum of natural shades to choose from - ranging from warm gray to rustic earth tones.

G.T. Floor Co. Ltd. (24353 New Taipei City, Taiwan), Hall 12, Stand D81
Contact: Ad Postma
Tel.: +31 6 48 31 85 88

An even broader and brighter spectrum
DOMOTEX 2019 sees NOVORYT AG adding six new colors - some neon - to its NOVORYT Forte range of innovative fillers for smoothing out imperfections in solid wood.

Founded in 1989, the Swiss company NOVORYT AG has dedicated the past 30 years to developing, manufacturing and selling products for improving all kinds of surfaces, such as wood, laminates, foils, cork, linoleum, mineral slabs and even ceramics. The company’s aim has always been to provide practical, professional solutions for achieving first-class results with minimum effort. Over the years, it has developed numerous impressively high-quality, handy products. A prime example of this winning combination is NOVORYT Forte, the company's innovative filler for smoothing out imperfections in solid wood. A double winner of the "interzum award" for outstanding quality, NOVORYT Forte eradicates knots, fissures and other blemishes simply, smoothly and in a matter of seconds.

After heating the product (which comes in either granular or stick form) to melting point with the appropriate equipment, NOVORYT Forte is poured into the area requiring treatment and then cooled with an aluminum block. As a result, the wood and its entire surface can be processed as normal. Professional users benefit additionally from the company's specially designed industrial equipment for working with NOVORYT Forte. At DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, NOVORYT AG is unveiling six exciting new colors of its award-winning filler, which you could say completes the full spectrum of applications!

NOVORYT AG (4462 Rickenbach, Switzerland), Hall 13, Stand E45
Contact: Markus Hirschi
Tel.: +41 61 985 8383

Winners all round
Saraswatii Global aspires to manufacturing outstanding hand-knotted rugs competitively - at the same time as improving its employees' living and working conditions.

There's more to hand-knotting rugs and carpets than purely creating beautiful and timeless investments - as Saraswatii has learned over the years. In recognition of the role this activity plays in strengthening India and its people and in instilling pride, Saraswatii Global set its sights on leading the field with more responsible ethics, projecting a crystal-clear corporate vision. The company pursues two ambitions - to manufacture the best rugs in the world as a competitive market leader at the same time as improving the living and working conditions of its employees.

At DOMOTEX 2019, Saraswatii is setting a glowing example first and foremost in terms of its products. Of the five hand-knotted collections on show, "Veteran" is perhaps the most impressive, which Saraswatii itself describes as its grandest, most overtly luxurious range. Hand-knotted by the most experienced master weavers of fine rugs, each of these absolute gems is lavishly embellished using a special oxidization process. Anyone keen to partake in this win-win equation should not hesitate for too long, as the availability of this ultra-exclusive collection is strictly limited to one year.

Saraswatii Global pvt. Ltd. (Jaipur 302002, India), Hall 4, Stand E47
Contact: Naresh Gadia
Tel.: +91 141 2671890
Mobile: +91 90098402

Hand or machine - who can tell?
The Belgian weaving machines specialist Van de Wiele has further optimized its patented three-rapier weaving technology and proudly presents the Handlook Carpet Innovator HCi X2 that now boasts reeds of up to 1,500 dents per meter.

The world's finest rugs and carpets are almost inevitably knotted by hand. Thus the ultimate challenge for machine-based manufacturing has always been to get as close as possible to hand-crafted quality. The Belgian weaving machine specialist Van de Wiele has now come a huge step closer to achieving this elusive aim with its innovative three-rapier technology - based on a patented process that promises crystal-sharp designs and a hand-knotted appearance on the reverse. Van de Wiele has chosen DOMOTEX 2019 for the trade fair premiere of its further improved Handlook Carpet Innovator HCi X2.

After launching the original HCi X2 six years ago with a reed density of up to 1,000 dents per meter, and subsequently boosting the quality up to 1,200, the latest version now boasts an extremely impressive density of 1,500 dents per meter. The company calculates that this produces up to five million points per square meter, which comes a great deal closer to reproducing hand-knotted quality than ever before. In fact, such a stunningly high "resolution" also means that patterns of almost photographic quality can now be achieved using the Handlook Carpet Innovator HCi X2!

Michel Van de Wiele NV (8510 Marke, Belgium), Hall 5, Stand A44
Contact: Stefaan Demey
Tel.: +32 56 24 32 11

Two are better (and quieter) than one
DOMOTEX 2019 offers the perfect opportunity to get a feel for SELITPRO 2.2 mm AquaStop with TwinFoamTM technology. This multi-layered insulation underlayment from SELIT is designed to score top marks in both acoustics and compression strength.

The SELIT Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of underlayment for parquet, laminate and vinyl XPS or EPS flooring. At no fewer than three production sites in Europe and North America, the company churns out more than 130 million square meters of insulation material every year. Its products are then shipped to more than 20 countries, both as an end-to-end range to resellers and to industrial customers for direct lamination. After launching numerous underlay innovations, some of them patented, such as easy lay®, easy click®, east cut® and the revolutionary GripTec coating, SELIT now runs a 500m2 test and development laboratory at its headquarters to maintain its innovative edge on the market.

These research facilities also spawned one of the company's latest achievements - the SELITPRO 2.2 mm AquaStop with TwinFoamTM technology, which is on show at DOMOTEX 2019. Featuring a double foam layer, this solution sets out to achieve both maximum noise reduction and compression strength for parquet and laminate flooring. Its two layers fulfill different tasks, combining the benefits of flexible and rigid underlayment in a single product. While the flexible gray layer perfectly adapts to the base, prevents damage caused by falling objects and softens airborne noise, the stable blue layer can resist high loads and reduces impact noise. To top it all off, the built-in AquaStop film acts as a valuable safeguard against rising damp.

SELIT Dämmtechnik GmbH (55234 Erbes-Büdesheim, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C37
Contact: Lydia Bober
Tel.: +49 6731 9670 537

Water a great idea!
As the saying goes, constant dripping wears away the stone - but SWISS KRONO avoids this hazard entirely with its newly developed water-resistant laminate flooring solutions, which are on show at DOMOTEX 2019.

The family-run SWISS KRONO Group currently employs more than 5,000 workers and is keen to expand further - without departing from its stringent quality standards in the process. That's why the company is determined to steadily optimize its product portfolio as well as its entire production and business operations from both a technical and ecological point of view. This certainly isn't just some passing whim, as independent external reports regularly prove.

The company is heading to DOMOTEX 2019 to show off its latest national collections, which are produced at five sites across the globe. Its new laminate flooring collections on show in Hannover - KRONOPOL, KRONOSTAR, KRONOTEX and HELVETIC FLOORS - are said to be perfectly adapted to the needs and tastes of the respective markets. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2019 are promised the chance to discover an exciting array of new and unique designs in its flooring collections. And to make that promise quite literally watertight, the flooring experts from the SWISS KRONO Group are also bringing their latest product developments in water-resistant laminate flooring along with them to Hannover.

SWISS KRONO Tec AG (6004 Lucerne, Switzerland), Hall 12, Stand C42
Contact: Robert Freitag
Tel.: +49 30 2062069270

Tradition spanning four generations
Rizbaft - which roughly translates as "finely knotted" - is the name given to the special collection of uniquely designed nomadic rugs that the family business Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian is showcasing at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover.

Playing a pivotal role in the carpet and rug industry, tradition stands for relationships that have blossomed over many years, a feel for quality, and the things in life that we hold dear. The Farhadian family, for example, has been immersed in the rug trade for four generations - Faradj Farhadian himself since his childhood, notching up more than forty years of experience. After touring the various bazaars throughout Persia at an early age in the company of his father, Faradj successfully set up a wholesale rug business with his brothers in Hamburg, Germany. Keen to pave the way for the future and carry on the family tradition, in 1999 he took the decision to launch a new company with his daughter Banafsheh and son Homayoun - and so Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian OHG was born. Today, Faradj and Homayoun Farhadian work predominantly in Tehran and the surrounding regions, while Banafsheh and her sister Rana Farhadian run the subsidiary in Hamburg.

At DOMOTEX 2019, the family enterprise is showcasing a range of exquisite exhibits, including the lavish Rizbaft collection of unique nomadic rugs. The meticulously developed designs in this collection truly live up to its name, which translates as "finely knotted". What's more, the colors are constantly carefully adjusted to complement the latest trends in interior design. As South Persian custom dictates, the company insists on using only the very best material for Rizbaft - hand-spun wool, which lends the rugs their exceptionally vibrant appeal. Once colored by means of an age-old process using pure plant dyes, the wool is knotted in the Fars province, nestled between the culturally outstanding city of Shiraz and the port of Bandar Abass.

Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian OHG (20457 Hamburg, Germany), Hall 2, Stand A08
Contact: Homayoun Farhadian
Tel.: +49 40 320 1000

Exploring fairer avenues
A global design project initiated by STEP partner Jan Kath has brought together more than 150 wonderfully creative children from opposite ends of the world to gain an insight into their cultural perspective, see how they interpret design, and establish controlled fair trade conditions.

Founded in Switzerland in 1995, STEP is a charitable organization free from any commercial goals that campaigns for the wellbeing of weavers and the continued development of a sustainable carpet industry. Standing for good working and living conditions, fair wages, eco-friendly production, and the prohibition of child labor, the STEP label is awarded to enterprises that uphold fair trade standards throughout their entire product portfolio. As a licensed STEP label partner, Jan Kath is committed to fair trade conditions in the production of all its hand-crafted carpets. The company’s ambitious Crossroads & Avenues project brings together children from the United States and Nepal. The carpets created in the process bear testimony to the children’s creativity and are knotted by hand under certified fair trade conditions in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu.

Crossroads & Avenues is the brainchild of Kyle Clarkson, managing partner and designer at Jan Kath New York. Time and again, he has hosted children from “Avenues: The World School of New York City” to give them the opportunity to create their very own carpet designs. “The kids had such fun creating their own designs that I was inspired to take it to the next level and produce a few of their designs at our factory in Nepal,” recalls Clarkson. Within just a few weeks, Crossroads & Avenues quickly transformed from a small New York project into a creative collaboration between the children of “Avenues: The World School of New York City” and Kesang Primary School in Kathmandu. At DOMOTEX 2019, STEP is spreading the word about the program, which is aimed at children aged seven to eight. You can also watch the children’s creative process unfold by checking out the weekly Instagram posts under @crossroadsandavenues.

Verein Label STEP – fair trade Teppiche (3007 Bern, Switzerland), Hall 9, Stand A16/1
Contact: Reto Aschwanden
Tel.: +41 61 271 77 66

Wall-to-wall elegance
GRANORTE and its cork products enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the globe. At DOMOTEX 2019, the Portuguese company is showcasing an impressively wide range of products, including cork wall solutions that lend a touch of elegance and natural warmth to any indoor space.

GRANORTE was founded in Portugal in 1972 with a view to breathing new life into the cork wastage generated in the wine bottling industry. The excellent quality of its cork products saw the company rapidly become a roaring success and has forged it an outstanding reputation across the globe. Consistently plowing its extensive expertise into developing the business and new products, GRANORTE has branched out from manufacturing granulated cork into high-tech products such as cork flooring, ready-made cork parquet and cork wall tiles. Steady growth, a sound financial footing and a strong focus on quality, research and sustainability have transformed GRANORTE into a prestigious and trusted partner for cork projects worldwide.

At DOMOTEX 2019, the interior design specialist is demonstrating how cork is the perfect candidate for much more than just flooring, with the material’s natural beauty also lending walls an extra touch of elegance and a warm, natural look. The visual aspects aside, walls lined with cork boast further advantages, dampening transferred sound and reducing temperature fluctuations while also improving the indoor climate.

GRANORTE - Revestimentos de Cortiça, Lda. (4520-470 Rio Meado, Portugal), Hall 12, Stand C35
Contact: Manuel Couto
Tel.: +351 256 783 026
Mobile: +351 256 783 026

Groundbreaking solutions
Falquon GmbH is at DOMOTEX 2019 to showcase "the floor" - the next generation of designer flooring based on a plasticizer-free SPC carrier board.

Since it was founded in 1992, Falquon GmbH has focused intently on manufacturing niche products for the laminate flooring sector. Its long list of specialist solutions features high-gloss decors, super-smooth surfaces, plain colors and digitally printed designs. The company is now seizing the outstanding opportunity presented by DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover to launch "the floor" - the next generation of designer flooring.

Based on a newly developed SPC carrier board, this plasticizer-free flooring boasts the "Made in Germany" quality label and claims to neatly roll all flooring requirements into a single product. The solution can be simply clicked into place on any hard surface, even over tiles with grout lines. Waterproof and dimensionally stable, it can also be laid without any need for acclimatization - even in notoriously tricky areas such as conservatories or beneath ground-level windows. Only when the surface area exceeds 400 square meters do fitters have to worry about expansion joints. An added bonus is there's no mess to clear up, since trimming the floor to length with a cutter knife doesn't produce any sawdust. Available in the three basic designs Stone, Wood and Herringbone, "the floor" can be finished off to perfection with a choice of accessories such as matching skirting boards.

Falquon GmbH (16928 Pritzwalk, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B18/1
Contact: Martin Prager
Tel.: +49 33986 502110
Mobile: +49 172 43 73 262

Doing a good deed with artificial turf
Christoph Metzelder is taking to the stage at DOMOTEX 2019 to present his foundation, which has been dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children since 2006. Besides discussing specific projects, he will be speaking about the urgent need to support children living on and below the poverty line as early as possible.

How can a former German soccer star, his charitable foundation and a floor covering trade fair work together to make a real and lasting difference? One answer is "with artificial turf", as Franz Reinkemeier GmbH, one of Germany’s leading artificial turf specialists, is actively supporting the Christoph Metzelder Foundation to help give children from disadvantaged backgrounds a better start in life. At DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, retired soccer player Christoph Metzelder is promoting his foundation and the specific projects it carries out. First and foremost, however, he will be speaking about the urgent need to support children living on or below the poverty line at the earliest opportunity.

This year's trade fair provides the perfect setting for such an important discussion, particularly in view of its motto "CREATE'N'CONNECT", which links to the question of how we will live and work in the future. "Our actions today create the society of tomorrow. To ensure we can all make our mark, regardless of our social background, it's important we start turning our attention to the weakest members of society and prepare them for a bright future," says the foundation's creator.

Bernhard Reinkemeier, co-owner of Franz Reinkemeier GmbH, explains why artificial turf is the ideal product to support the foundation: "Artificial turf today is soft, high-quality and bright green - and is currently experiencing a huge boom. We are harnessing this trend for the greater good. The Christoph Metzelder Foundation does fantastic work and, from our point of view, is doing exactly what's needed!" Metzelder adds: "If we are to carry on and expand our project work, we need money, and a lot of our funding comes from donations. Collaborations such as the one with Franz Reinkemeier GmbH are a massive help to us. So we are looking forward to meeting lots of visitors at DOMOTEX - the more the better!"

Franz Reinkemeier GmbH (33397 Rietberg, Germany), Hall 7, Stand C22
Contact: Heinrich Reinkemeier
Tel.: +49 5244-921-0

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