The Robert Redford of solid wooden floors?
Heywood Vloeren from the Netherlands specializes in crafting unique, bespoke hardwood floors. The company is at DOMOTEX 2019 to present an extensive showcase including a range of meticulously and artistically pre-aged oak parquet options.

The best wooden floors are like veteran Hollywood stars - becoming all the more alluring and charismatic as they age. The down side of this is that anyone building or renovating right now surely faces the prospect of merely handing down the enjoyment of distinguished, aged wooden floors to their grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren! Not only that, but who knows what the fashion for flooring will be that far down the line, dealing an uncertain fate to the wood by the time it reaches its peak. So what can be done? Since its beginnings in 1998, Heywood Vloeren from Oss in the Netherlands has served connoisseurs' desires to lay something extraordinarily special under their feet. The Van der Heijden brothers have made it their business to produce unique, bespoke hardwood floors to cover both the domestic and international market. Over the years, they have crafted an impressive selection of designs, dimensions, strengths and colors using special treatments involving brushes, scratching techniques, smoking and aging. The company has carefully expanded its range in the process to meet its customers’ specific requirements.

At DOMOTEX 2019, Heywood Vloeren is showcasing three different forms of dual-layer parquet floors that have each been pre-aged with a selection of these special treatments - Aged Antique, Aged Knotting Hill and Aged Shrunk. The Antique line is based on hand-carved planks and a herringbone pattern with natural-effect open fissures and characteristic knots. The Knotting Hill collection also focuses on aged planks in a herringbone design, but with a surface finished in a brushed, raw appearance featuring naturally undulating raised knots and bandsaw trails. The third option, Aged Shrunk, closely resembles its two cousins, but with an additional authentically age-shrunken effect on the surface. One feature all three lines have in common is the many options in terms of colors, plank widths and strengths, all provided in the same dual-layer format of European oak surface set on a practical WBP-plywood base.

Heywood Vloeren B.V. (5347 JD Oss, Netherlands), Hall 13, Stand E82
Contact: Carlos van Vorst
Tel.: +31 412657428
Mobile: +31 655725461

Ensuring an extra-sure footing
EOC from Belgium is unveiling two innovative achievements at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover. The first is EXOLAST - a new line of thermoplastic elastomer products designed to produce recyclable coatings for bath mats, foot mats, carpets, carpet tiles and the like - the second a special polyurethane precoat system for artificial turf.

EOC from Belgium has evolved from a small family business manufacturing foam rubber for the mattress industry into a global supplier of adhesives, special binders, coatings and surfactants for a wide range of applications and sectors. Two of the latest developments, EXOLAST and EXOPUR, which the company is showcasing at DOMOTEX 2019, are surely the perfect proof of its innovative prowess.

The development team at EOC is constantly in search of more sustainable and durable solutions to the questions presented by their customers. That's precisely how EXOLAST came about, a new product line of thermoplastic elastomers based on styrenic copolymers that combine the easy processing of thermoplastics with the elastomeric behavior of rubber. The developers at EOC are hailing EXOLAST as a recyclable, environmentally friendly alternative solution for achieving "major results with just minor investment" in coatings for bath mats, car mats, door mats, rugs and carpet tiles, to name just the most obvious examples.

The team is forging ahead with identifying further potential applications for its sustainable thermoplastic elastomers at the EOC Group's own R&D center. The company is keen to plow its in-house expertise and experience into developing even more sustainable alternatives to conventional processes. Another recent result of this effort is EXOPUR - the new precoat system for artificial turf that EOC is also exhibiting at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover.

EOC Belgium nv (9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium), Hall 11, Stand B25
Contact: Delphine Desmet
Tel.: +32 486 14 14 78

This revolutionary filler has news for you!
Uzin Utz AG took the guesswork right out of laying textile and elastic floor coverings a few weeks ago with the launch of its utterly groundbreaking Uzin NC 111 BiColor - a leveling compound that thinks for itself and communicates when it's ready for covering by changing color.

The ability of the Uzin NC 111 BiColor compound to change color is an absolute world-first that has been specially designed to notify workers at a mere glance when it's ready for covering. The developers of this semi-fast-drying gypsum leveling compound have ensured it produces smooth substrates in thicknesses of up to ten millimeters in preparation for laying textile or elastic floor coverings. The revolutionary aspect is how the compound gradually changes color from light green to salmon pink as it sets so as to signal when it is ready for covering (after 8 10 hours). Once the entire area has turned pink, workers can be sure that the leveling compound is ready for them to lay the flooring on top. This ingenious solution saves them the effort of repeatedly testing the moisture content, thus freeing them up to use their time more productively and focus on other tasks.

"When it comes to laying floors, identifying when the substrate is ready for covering has always been the key factor," says Thomas Schneider, head of Applications Engineering at Uzin. "If a floor covering is laid too hastily on the leveling compound, bubbles can form or odors can develop. Uzin NC 111 BiColor now makes things very clear - whatever the climate on the construction site. The worker in charge of the process can immediately see when the time is right to start laying the floor once the color has changed across the entire surface." What's more, the color-changing technology offers the additional benefit of flagging up any oversights during the follow-on application of the adhesive. As the dispersion adhesive turns green when it comes into contact with the dried substrate, the person applying it can easily spot any patches that have been missed!

Uzin Utz AG (89079 Ulm, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C32
Contact: Marc Lunkenheimer
Tel.: +49 731 4097-4729

Diamonds are a floor installer's best friend!
The powerful new ALPHA 230 diamond grinder from Witte Metallwaren is yet another shining example of the company's outstanding expertise in the floor installation sector.

Witte Metallwaren has excelled in providing quality and innovation in the floor installation sector for more than 60 years. Its extensive portfolio covers a wide range of top-quality tools and machinery for performing all kinds of floor-laying tasks, not to mention subfloor systems, underlays and profiles. The family business has always striven to strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation by plowing its wealth of expertise and skills into constantly improving tried-and-tested favorites at the same time as developing groundbreaking inventions. The new ALPHA 230 that Witte is proudly unveiling at this year's DOMOTEX in Hannover is yet another shining example of the company’s innovative prowess.

Boasting a 230 millimeter grinding width and four disc-mounted abrasive segments that rotate at 1,400 r.p.m., the 230 V AC-powered ALPHA 230 is bound to achieve very impressive results. This easily-to-handle, deceptively compact 42 kilo powerhouse makes light work of removing any covering residue, filler, dispersion adhesive or even elastic parquet adhesive. Witte is keen to add that the ALPHA 230 can also be used to grind screeds and coatings or remove layers of sinter. A practical finishing touch is the new disc mounting system, which greatly simplifies the replacement process by only involving three screws. Last but not least, the foldable handle with integrated carrier makes this compact grinder extremely transportable.

Witte-Metallwaren GmbH + Co KG (59269 Beckum, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C02/1
Contact: Jörg Rodewig
Mobile: +49 163 592 69 75

Shutting down persistent pathogens
Döllken Profiles aims to provide the perfect complement to antimicrobial flooring with its antimicrobial skirting board for hygiene-critical facilities and accommodations. The secret to its success is an innovative new technology.

Hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens, public spaces - keeping everything hygienic in places where people come first is no easy task. However, the special material composition of the new antimicrobial skirting boards from Döllken Profiles GmbH is claimed to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria on its surface by more than 99.99 percent, helping create a healthy environment. The new skirting boards, which have been tested to the ISO 22196:2011 standard and awarded the Biomaster seal, can meet even the most stringent requirements in all areas.

A surface treatment with Biomaster silver additives ensures the antimicrobial skirting boards from Döllken Profiles are effective for the lifetime of the product and inhibit the growth of a wide range of organisms, including those that can cause food poisoning (e.g. Salmonella) and even antibiotic-resistant bacteria (such as MRSA and VRE). The special surface properties of the boards are designed to prevent bacteria from spreading, rapidly growing and ultimately being transferred to humans through contact with surfaces and equipment. Although disinfectants can remove bacteria immediately, this effect is only temporary, as surfaces can become contaminated again within a few hours. However, the new antimicrobial skirting boards are supposed to carry on inhibiting bacterial growth between cleanings. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2019 can find out more about the current range of soft skirting boards and upcoming product lines that will be available in an antimicrobial version, as Döllken Profiles GmbH is appearing there as a co-exhibitor with Küberit Profile Systems.

Döllken Profiles GmbH (99428 Nohra, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C32, co-exhibitor with Küberit Profile Systems
Contact: Juliane Bettinga
Tel.: +49 3643 41 70-450

Bringing Africa into your home
Not only does the Africa collection from PAULIG reflect the vast landscapes of the continent, it also encapsulates the difference between a handmade rug and a machine-made alternative - the human dimension that exudes harmony, vibrancy and passion.

Weaving - the act of interlacing two threads (warp and weft) at right angles to each other - is one of the oldest techniques used to manufacture flat textiles, including rugs. What makes a hand-woven rug so special is the added benefit that it can be used on both sides. PAULIG Teppichweberei sees itself as a modern-day torchbearer for the cottage industry of weavers that went before it. From the shearing of the sheep to the finished rug, from dyeing and spinning the wool to weaving and knotting it - everything from start to finish in the production of PAULIG rugs is done by hand. This closed value chain offers both producer and customer alike the certainty of outstanding quality that meets a high ecological standard.

At DOMOTEX 2019, PAULIG Teppichweberei GmbH is exhibiting its Africa collection, which recalls the vast landscapes of the great continent, the cradle of humankind. Numerous unusual structures and impressive colors come together in this collection to create extravagant rugs with sophisticated haptics. Africa TIko E, for example, is a flat-woven design rug that's the perfect match for any interior, thanks to its simplicity. What makes it really special is the black warp that highlights the structure of the rug with striking elegance. The perfect partner to this work of art is the Africa Sansibar cushion from PAULIG. Like all the other products in the Africa collection, the cushion can be customized using the Africa color palette. The twisted yarn, spun from the finest New Zealand wool, ensures all Africa products are reassuringly robust and that the rugs can be used on both sides.

PAULIG Teppichweberei GmbH (97359 Schwarzach, Germany), Hall 9, Stand A42
Contact: Jeanett Kister
Tel.: +49 9324 9820 17

Digital printing opens up endless possibilities!
There's no escaping Industry 4.0 - even the production of skirting boards has to get smart, efficient and green. Bang on time for DOMOTEX 2019, Karl Pedross AG is incorporating digital printing into series production - and bringing new high-end special coatings to Hannover, too.

Just like the world of floor coverings itself, one topic also dominates the global industry's number one meeting place - Industry 4.0. And when it comes to setting a good example, Karl Pedross AG is right up front at DOMOTEX 2019 with its state-of-the-art skirting production operations. The company is in Hannover to demonstrate its intelligent, dynamic, efficient and green approach. At the heart of its showcase - and opening up countless opportunities - is digital printing. Following intensive testing, Karl Pedross AG now boasts an innovative patent pending technology that allows it to print directly on skirting profiles and boards - in series-scale production.

The company's exhibits at DOMOTEX are appearing under the slogan "Saving the forest with every print!", as its new process is designed to support an unlimited palette of motifs that create stunning looks and unique haptic qualities - even replicating exclusive endangered timbers. Sustainability is a top priority for the business, as are its efforts to ensure every skirting board can be tailored to suit the customer's specific requirements.

A further highlight from Karl Pedross AG at DOMOTEX 2019 has to be the new range of special veneers that the market leader in veneered skirtings is adding to its extensive portfolio. The company is keen to emphasize that its innovative veneer application methods and cutting-edge machinery enable it to adapt veneered skirtings even better to match all kinds of flooring. The skirting specialists are certainly determined to expand options enormously, with a whole range of gloss levels, pearlescent colors and scratch-resistant coatings on offer.

Karl Pedross AG (39021 Latsch, Italy), Hall 13, Stand B32
Contact: Helene Paulmichl
Tel.: +39 0473 722 228

A very dynamic duo
In a bid to meet increasing demands for individuality, French carpet manufacturer BALSAN has designed the DUO concept. This simple yet original solution aims to satisfy even the most stringent requirements, combining one pattern with a harmony of two colors.

BALSAN, based in the small French municipality of Arthon, boasts an end-to-end product range comprising 2,000 top-quality carpets and floor tiles. Serving customers both at home and abroad, this leading manufacturer develops a range of textures for the construction industry, contract sector and private households. BALSAN constantly strives to meet every market demand, creating bespoke solutions that are esthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. In response to the growing interest in innovative solutions that are effective and easy-to-use, BALSAN decided to develop its new DUO concept - which will celebrate its trade fair premiere at DOMOTEX 2019.

Devised as a simple and unique design solution capable of meeting even ambitious demands, the DUO concept always involves combining one pattern with two well-matched colors. With a total of 120 patterns to choose from, designers can explore every style and culture to give interiors their very own identity. This is perfectly complemented by a wide-ranging palette of trendy colors that are always paired to produce an indivisible harmony. In short, the DUO concept promises endless possibilities in terms of contrast, tone-on-tone design and color gradation. As a result, spaces are given an up-to-date look that is one of a kind. What's more, based on a high-quality carrier material, DUO solutions can also cope with harsh environments.

Balsan S.A. (36330 Arthon, France), Hall 11, Stand C37
Contact: Bernard Guiraud
Tel.: +33 254 291600

Taking care of the daily grind
Since it was taken over by the Husqvarna Group just under two years ago, the Swedish company HTC - renowned for its patented floor grinding system - has ramped up the pace of its in-house innovation. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2019 can see this for themselves by catching a glimpse of the new DURATIQ 5 model.

HTC has expanded its tried-and-tested DURATIQ line to include the brand-new DURATIQ 5 model. Designed to combine high performance, compact dimensions and versatility, this machine features a grinding width of 515 mm and comes with either a 2.2 kW or 4 kW motor. Its Swedish inventors promise that both models have been completely revamped, with particular attention paid to power and ease of handling.

The DURATIQ 5 on show in Hannover boasts no fewer than 75 new functions, such as a digital control panel that provides full control of the machine's capacity and functions - something no other grinder of this size can offer. But we mustn’t forget the new grinding head - which is hermetically sealed and dustproof to ensure maximum reliability - or the effective, energy-efficient motors for improved grinding performance. Further advantages include the modular chassis and grinding head with quick couplers for easy transportation and optimum handling - not to mention the mist cooler system, which boosts productivity by up to 78 percent. What's more, the DURATIQ 5 comes with easy-to-adjust weights for three grinding pressures, and 20 different handle settings for perfect ergonomics.

This machine's compact dimensions make it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized surfaces. It can handle everything from grinding rough surfaces such as concrete to polishing natural stone and sanding wood floors. The DURATIQ 5 was developed by HTC's own R&D department and is based on the same technology as its larger siblings, the DURATIQ 6 and 8. "We are delighted to be able to continue the traditions from the popular HTC 420 and 500, and offer our customers an even more powerful yet ergonomic machine," says Cathérine Königk, Head of Marketing at HTC. Neatly summing up the benefits for users, Königk adds: "Thanks to the cutting-edge digital control panel, operators have a full overview of the machine's capacity and functions, which we're sure will prove a big hit with customers. We are tremendously proud of how our R&D department has succeeded in harnessing the technology from the larger models and adapting it and the associated benefits to this compact format."

Husqvarna Deutschland GmbH (89079 Ulm, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C12
Contact: Cathérine Königk
Tel.: +46 121 294 00

Color me impressed!
Chromatone is seizing the opportunity at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover to showcase the latest eight additions to its globally renowned color reference system of the same name.

Ever since it was launched 30 years ago, Chromatone - from the eponymous supplier based in Leeds, England - has been the leading color reference system in the carpet and rug industry, and continues to be extremely popular to this day. Covering 1,080 colors split into six trays each housing four chromatone triangles of 45 poms, the Chromatone Atlas enables users to admire the entire color spectrum at a glance and pick a shade on the spot. Thanks to the lightweight yet robust case in which the samples are packed, the entire collection can be transported from A to B with ease.

At DOMOTEX 2019, Chromatone is exhibiting its Chromatone Atlas with eight newly added color palettes. By presenting the colors in poms, this unique system continues to enable specialists from the carpet and rug industry to speak the same language of color communication - both among themselves as well as with customers, consumers and suppliers across the globe. Housed in eight separate triangular casings, these striking new colors represent a major addition to the Chromatone Atlas, and are offered as an extra to the traditional atlas or in their own stylish carry case.

Chromatone Ltd. (LS12 2EJ, Leeds, Great Britain), Hall 11, Stand C03
Contact: Ian Robertson
Tel.: +44 113 250 6345
Mobile: +44 7785 247 496

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