A revolutionary breath of fresh air from France!
MAULER is dedicated to creating high-quality, eco-friendly products and special paints for designing and maintaining wood. This year, the company has launched a selection of its solutions - developed and produced exclusively in France - on the German market.

We all know someone who swears by wooden floors - for the simple reason that they confidently believe they are investing in timeless, valuable and natural flooring that doesn't impact their health. If you look at the pure raw material, they’re undoubtedly right - yet even high-quality wood flooring can pollute indoor environments. Some substructures, in particular, contain chemical substances that have no place in living or working spaces over time. But now there’s a healthy alternative, as MAULER - a French specialist committed to creating high-quality products and special paints for designing and maintaining in- and outdoor wooden structures, for approaching a full century - has launched a selection of its innovative solutions in Germany for the first time. This family-run company's products, which are developed and manufactured exclusively in France, include a parquet flooring sealant that contains a revolutionary formaldehyde absorber. Thanks to a cutting-edge formula, it demonstrably improves room air quality by absorbing formaldehyde emissions from the floor and air - and continues to do so throughout its entire 17-year service life.

The water-based sealant protects raw wood parquet flooring, wooden floorboards, cork, staircases, furniture and even children's toys with a durable protective film, absorbing more than 88 percent of formaldehyde emissions from treated surfaces and up to 40 percent from the air in the room. This feature has earned the product multiple awards and certifications - including an A+ rating for interior air quality as per France's mandatory emission classification. It's noteworthy that improving interior air quality is considered a matter of national importance in France, and is enforced as such by the state. Although Germany hasn’t quite reached that stage yet, there's no longer anything stopping anyone there from following suit with MAULER's cutting-edge parquet flooring sealant.

MAULER Sarl (F-68360 Soultz), Hall 13, Stand B46
Contact: Thomas Griffith
Tel.: +49 6172 137330
Mobile: +49 179 9109106

Innovation and tradition rolled into one
The tradition-steeped company LENTEX from Poland is heading to DOMOTEX in Hannover to present its new ESCOBAR PVC flooring, which neatly combines the classic good looks of wood with effective soundproofing.

In its home country of Poland, LENTEX S.A. is renowned as a leading manufacturer of flexible PVC floor coverings for the residential and contract sectors. Combining more than a century’s worth of tradition with contemporary solutions and designs, the company is also sure to be a hit further afield. It's hardly surprising considering LENTEX's versatile range of floorings provide customers with perfectly tailored solutions that are simple, effective and don’t break the bank. What's more, its products are extremely durable, simple to install and easy to keep clean. The expansive portfolio features a wide range of patterns and colors, making it ideal for residential housing, apartments, sport facilities and public institutions alike.

LENTEX is seizing the perfect opportunity to showcase its new ESCOBAR PVC residential flooring at DOMOTEX 2019, which will reopen its gates in Hannover from 11 to 14 January. ESCOBAR’'s matt surface is designed to faithfully reproduce the classic look of sumptuous real wood under a practical 0.20 mm wear layer. The flooring's total thickness is a mere 2.90 mm, with an innovative felt finish to ensure a comfortable footing. Its soft and durable surface, meanwhile, effectively eliminates unwanted noise.

LENTEX S.A. (42-700 Lubliniec, Poland), Hall 12, Stand B65
Contact: Haitham Ghanem
Tel.: +48 34 3515720
Mobile: +48 533 292 475

Not a hair out of place!
The striking hair-on hide rugs that Indian company JAVI Home is unveiling at DOMOTEX 2019 bring traditional furnishings into the modern age.

Over the course of four days, Hannover’s exhibition center will once again transform into a global hotspot for the floor covering industry at DOMOTEX 2019. The event is set to host yet another unique international mix of some 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 countries. As ever, many of the long list of show-stoppers stem from the world’s most renowned carpet-making centers in Iran, Pakistan - and of course India. JAVI Home, founded by Vibhor Jain, is one of the youngest representatives of India's deep-rooted tradition of producing fine rugs and carpets. Combining impressive creativity with innovative prowess, the company develops high-quality carpets and rugs for many prestigious brand names from across the globe. DOMOTEX 2019 will be the first opportunity for visitors to explore JAVI Home's hair-on hide rugs in addition to other attractive solutions.

Elegant and intricate in equal measure, these hand-sewn rugs are designed to create a light and relaxing atmosphere in contemporary living spaces with their breathtaking, unique and irregular zigzag patterns. The natural alternation between brown and beige on these cowhide rugs conveys a pure sense of outdoor living, thus forming the ideal basis for a wide range of tastes in interior decor.

Javi Home (P) Ltd. (132114 Karnal, India), Hall 4, Stand C16
Contact: Binod Ranjan
Tel.: +91 999 678 9621

A stunning spectrum of colors
Italian company Aquafil has extended the color palette for its sustainable ECONYL recycled yarn to 170 colors, lending designers almost unlimited scope to express their creativity.

Aquafil is the leading supplier of carpet fibers for manufacturers the world over serving the contract, automobile and home furnishings sectors. Bulked continuous filament currently accounts for 82 percent of the Group's sales. But this figure could increase even further, with creatively designed carpets expected to really take off and evolve into a major trend in the coming years. Innovative patterns and distinctive textures set out to awaken your senses - whether you're walking on them, running your fingers through them or admiring their artistic beauty. Colors have a key role to play in this respect, as they are able to influence our emotions and how we perceive our environment.

To give colors the attention they truly deserve in interior design, Aquafil has expanded its own ECONYL color palette. This tried-and-tested yarn is made entirely from recycled waste materials such as used fishing nets, old carpets and other discarded nylon fabrics from all over the world. Aquafil's ECONYL Global Color Range, on show at DOMOTEX 2019 for the first time, brings together 170 carefully selected color tones - one half in neutral shades, the other more exotic - to give designers virtually limitless scope to unleash their creative talent. And it goes without saying that the dyes adhere to the same stringent environmental standards as the carrier material.

Aquafil S.p.A. (38062 Arco, Italy), Hall 11, Stand A44
Contact: Silvia Bonichini
Tel.: +39 0464 581196

Breathe easy!
At the forthcoming DOMOTEX, the floor preparation specialist Schwamborn is showcasing its completely revamped range of construction site dust extractors. The great new features include effective airborne particle filters on every device.

Schwamborn has been developing and manufacturing innovative products and solutions for over 80 years - all aimed at professionally sanding, milling, cleaning and smoothing floors. This international company based near Stuttgart in Germany plows its entire expertise into assisting property developers, architects, building merchants, floor treatment companies and sanding specialists with their floor-working needs. Its ingenious solutions address all aspects, from manufacturing construction materials right through to installing floors and then protecting and caring for the finished product. Schwamborn has chosen DOMOTEX in Hannover to unveil its new range of dust vacuum systems in January 2019.

A top-to-toe overhaul of its vacuuming and pre-separator range involved optimizing the new series for use with Schwamborn's construction site machinery. For instance, the STS 260A has been fitted with large abrasion-resistant transportation wheels and a simple click-system hose connection. What's more, all machines now sport a powerful HEPA filter - and the more heavy-duty models also auto-clean filters, designed to ensure even smoother, continuous operation. The added touches boost the suction power and area covered, while also markedly reducing dust levels on building sites. The dust from construction work, concrete, sanding and plaster is collected in easily transportable transparent plastic Longopac® bags for easy and safe disposal.

Schwamborn Gerätebau GmbH (73117 Wangen, Germany), Hall 13, Stand B39
Contact: Petra Bleich
Tel.: +49 7161 2005-0

Inspirational interiors
The up-and-coming textile design studio CLAIRE GAUDION is making the journey from Britain to DOMOTEX 2019 for the first time to showcase a whole array of hand-made and nature-inspired rugs.

When DOMOTEX - the world's leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings - reopens its gates on 11 January 2019, it will not only display a large selection of brand-new products and ideas from renowned manufacturers, but once again play host to an assortment of fresh exhibitors. Seeing as the sector isn't necessarily known for its flourishing startup landscape, this is a highlight all in itself. One of the newcomers to look out for this time around is the British CLAIRE GAUDION brand, founded in 2013 by the designer of the same name.

Besides producing contemporary and modern rugs, this independent textile design studio creates original woven and printed interior textiles and home accessories. From her award-winning debut collection in 2013 through to the latest exhibits on show in Hannover, founder and creative director Claire Gaudion has always drawn inspiration from the shapes and colors of the natural world and, in particular, her home island of Guernsey: "I find great inspiration in the ever-changing seascapes and coastal landscapes of the Channel Islands - my modern geometric patterns and textured woven designs draw on the islands’ natural rhythms."

CLAIRE GAUDION (Stockbridge SO20 8HZ, United Kingdom), Hall 9, Stand A02/1
Contact: Evert Kroon
Tel.: +31 356 23 12 59

Decking that won't let you down
DeckWise International is attending DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover to unveil a system of hidden stainless steel-reinforced deck fasteners designed to be virtually indestructible.

Imagine the scene. It's a balmy summer's evening, you're hosting a wonderful garden party, and beneath the feet of the flamenco group - which was supposed to be the highlight of the celebrations - the smart wooden terrace suddenly breaks up into pieces. It would probably take years to recover from this kind of social faux pas. To protect yourself from such horror scenarios, pay a visit to DOMOTEX in Hannover - the world's leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings. From 11 to 14 January 2019, the European branch of U.S. company DeckWise International is attending the trade show to premiere its Extreme® Hidden Deck Fasteners.

DeckWise has specially developed its Extreme® Hidden Deck Fasteners to ensure maximum holding power. They are based around a stainless steel insert embedded in a square sleeve made from UV- and chemical-resistant polyethylene - it's this structure that makes them so durable. What's more, DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fasteners are configured to work with all kinds of terrace materials. The patented design enables both homeowners and decking specialists to complete installations quickly and easily to produce terraces with a highly professional finish.

DeckWise International B.V. (3812 PM Amersfoort, Netherlands), Hall 13, Stand E98
Contact: Bert Toes
Tel.: +31 33 469 1037

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