The weaver and the artist
Zollanvari is at DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase a whole new range of impressive creations. Among them is the "Qashqa'i, meet Bauhaus" collection designed by the Milan-based SoFarSoNear studio.

Originally founded in Persia and now based in Zurich, family-run business Zollanvari is a leading manufacturer of handmade carpets. According to the company, its collections embody the spirit of carpet design and weaving, all the while demonstrating a profound understanding of the ethos of age-old weaving techniques. Since the very beginning, Zollanvari has forged and maintained close ties with a vast network of weavers - which has given rise to timeless, unique designs and played a key role in the company’s inventive and constantly evolving carpet production. What's more, Zollanvari is one of the very few manufacturers in its field to receive STANDARD 100 certification from OEKO-TEX. This accolade was earned thanks to its handwoven carpets (rugs, gabbehs, kilims and jajims), which are made from sheep’s wool that is combed and spun by hand and traditionally dyed using natural plant dyes.

Given Zollanvari's profile, it’s no wonder that DOMOTEX, the world's leading trade fair for floor coverings, is a firm fixture in its calendar. At the 2019 event in Hannover, the company even scooped one of the coveted Carpet Design Awards. Eager to keep this tradition alive, Zollanvari is returning to DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase a range of new creations - including the "Qashqa'i, meet Bauhaus" collection designed by the SoFarSoNear studio based in Milan. According to Zollanvari, the use of geometric and abstract patterns - coupled with bright, natural dyes from Qashqa'i weaving mills - is a nod to the Bauhaus movement and, in particular, one of its pivotal figures, Josef Albers. This painter's in-depth studies of the interplay of color and human perception, which are reflected in his square-dominated artworks, reminded the designers of their own geometric gabbehs and the interaction of color between the individual elements woven into them. Just as they do in Albers' work, the colors in these elements aim to both allure and deceive and thus turn them into the fascinating and formal feature of the creation. The SoFarSoNear designers have also merged the style of gabbeh weaving with Albers' drawings, choosing iconic motifs of lions, peacocks, men and women from Qashqa'i culture as further core elements and simplifying them using squares and triangles.
Zollanvari AG (8424 Embrach, Switzerland), Hall 3, Stand G05
Contact: Gabriele Peter
Tel.: +41 44 493-28 18
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Get exactly what you want!
DOMOTEX debutant MEFO FLOOR GmbH & Co. KG is underlining its credentials as a specialist in premium, customized indoor and outdoor floor coverings with an innovative floor configurator and in-house finishing.

MEFO FLOOR is a startup specializing in high-quality floor coverings for both indoor and outdoor use. The company's portfolio includes everything from parquet and wooden floorboards to LVT and decking. The startup is making its debut at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover with a range of exhibits, including a special combination of a floor configurator and in-house surface finishing that enables it to offer thousands of different customized floors.

For now, MEFO FLOOR is focusing on premium solid oak parquet floors in all kinds of designs, from strip and mosaic parquet to herringbone patterns. The floors are produced in line with customers' particular requirements and expectations before undergoing in-house finishing to precise specifications. Alternatively, MEFO FLOOR also offers more economical multilayer parquet.
MEFO FLOOR GmbH & Co. KG (97475 Zeil, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D45
Contact: Christian Förster
Tel.: +49 152 28468362
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Flaw? What flaw?!
Surface repair and maintenance specialist Heinrich König is showcasing a new and improved version of its tried-and-tested IF-139 filler at DOMOTEX 2020.

In addition to a wide range of fillers, Heinrich König & Co. KG's portfolio also includes retouching materials, spray lacquers and products for both maintenance and cleaning. The company sees itself as a problem solver and is committed to continuously keeping pace with the latest surface and material developments. Close collaboration between customers and the in-house research and development department supports these efforts, ensuring the best possible repair solutions are always provided for new surfaces, too.

Heinrich König is now unveiling one such solution at DOMOTEX 2020. IF-139 PLUS is a new and improved version of the company's permanent filler, which is suitable for industrial production and also smaller wood processing businesses. It removes flaws in an instant - on everything from solid wood and veneer to wooden composites, chipboard, MDF and even plastic materials. Benefiting from a low processing temperature and a high density, the filler also forms a strong bond with a variety of materials. What’s more, according to the manufacturer, the matt finish produced by IF-139 PLUS is virtually unprecedented. Last but not least, the filler is also resistant to heat, cold and moisture, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Only one thing is missing - the unpleasant, pungent odor often associated with such products.
Heinrich König & Co. KG (61138 Niederdorfelden, Germany), Hall 13, Stand F52
Contact: Michael Schorr
Tel.: +49 6101 5360-0
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Protecting your floor and the environment
Protective mats have to do a lot - they're expected to stop scratches, holes and wear from developing in flooring, provide a long useful life and be environmentally friendly themselves, too. Fortunately, a number of the innovations RS Office is set to unveil can tick all those boxes.

RS Office Products GmbH is at the forefront of the floor mat sector in Europe. Thanks to the famously premium quality of Makrolon polycarbonate from Bayer, customers of RS Office can protect their flooring with mats that are as robust as they are attractive - and enjoy amazing value for money. The mats enhanced with the company’s patented VAB anti-slip coating stay securely in place even on hard and smooth flooring such as parquet, tiles and laminate. By contrast, the mats with rounded anchor grips are the perfect fit for softer types of flooring, such as carpets, and can cope with any depth of pile. However, all the mats from RS Office have one thing in common - sustainability. The company places great value on the fact that its mats are not only made entirely from recycled materials in the first place, but can also be fully recycled themselves at the end of their useful life.

The topics of "maximum useful life" and, more especially, "environmental friendliness" are also taking center stage at the company's stand at DOMOTEX 2020. RS Office has announced a whole range of premieres for the fair, but is keeping specific details to itself for now.
RS Office Products GmbH (68519 Viernheim, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D49
Contact: Steffen Höhnke
Tel.: +49 6204 71001
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Woodstock is so yesterday - bring on the FLOORING FESTIVAL!
The wineo brand from Windmöller is putting on a spectacular FLOORING FESTIVAL that is not just launching a series of impressive flooring firsts but also hosting a long-awaited comeback - oak as a laminate!

Instead of wading through the usual festival mud, visitors to DOMOTEX 2020 can enjoy a firm footing at the wineo FLOORING FESTIVAL. What's more, Windmöller promises to present floors with genuine star quality. Besides taking in the big-stage comeback of oak as a laminate board, festivalgoers can also enjoy the dazzling premiere of the wineo 600 design flooring collection and feast their eyes on the Evergreen PURLINE organic flooring range. Appearing as a support act is the PERFECT FIT portfolio of accessories that includes practical underlays, which are now also available specifically for ultra-modern rigid boards.

"Forever oak" is the title conferred on the rerelease of the flooring classic, oak. In a line-up of five powerful wood characters in five colors and three plank formats, this range is set to raise the roof in the market for state-of-the-art laminate floors. The new wineo 600 design flooring collection, which is available in generous formats for adhesive or click installation, is being presented in urban and industrial styles with a call to "#DressYourFloor". Meanwhile, the PURLINE organic flooring range is embracing generation Greta - and others besides - at the FLOORING FESTIVAL under the headline "Flooring for Future". The aim is to put on a performance that captures the perfect symbiosis of design, performance and nature. Finally, the "Sound of Silence" will see Windmöller celebrate 20 years of underlay and showcase the latest result from its research and development work - "silentRIGID" underlay. Specially designed for the needs of rigid floors, this innovation aims to provide even more stability, reduce noise and deliver a comfortable under-foot sensation - all with a product thickness of just 1.2 millimeters.
Windmöller GmbH (32832 Augustdorf, Germany), Hall 12, Stand C57
Contact: Bettina Höner
Tel.: +49 5237 609-44 61
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When three become one!
MEERA Industries Ltd. is at DOMOTEX 2020 to unveil its new TPRS technology, which takes yarn production from the usual three steps down to just one.

MEERA Industries from India has become a big name in the field of twister and heat setting machines for use in the production of rugs, fabrics and textiles. The company manufactures and exports carpet cabler machines, continuous heat setting machines, assembly winders, two-for-one twisters, ring twisters and one-step ply and cable twisters (TPRS). The patent-pending TPRS technology that MEERA is unveiling at DOMOTEX 2020 is a one-step twine and cable twister for manufacturing stitching threads of all types, including industrial yarns, multifilament yarns and cotton twines.

In the past, sewing threads have usually been manufactured in three steps. However, TPRS technology from MEERA now reduces the process to a single step. What's more, thanks to the size of the cops on the TPRS twister, products from the spinning works can be used directly as knotless 15-kilogram supply packages. Besides excellent productivity levels, the new single-stage process also helps sewing machines run smoothly, since the same consistently high quality standards are created along the entire length of the yarn.
MEERA Industries Ltd. (Surat 394230, India), Hall 11, Stand A50
Contact: Shakti Motani
Tel.: +91 261 2399114
Mobile: +91 989 804 66 36
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Helping floor fitters out of a sticky situation
Unilin has chosen DOMOTEX 2020 to reveal its unique glueless locking technology for laying herringbone patterns that promises a whole host of advantages.

Mohawk is the world's largest flooring group and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a Fortune 500 company. Headquartered in the United States, Mohawk has branches in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Malaysia, Mexico and Russia. Its best-known brands include American Olean, Bigelow, Durkan, Karastan, Lees, Marazzi, Mohawk, Pergo and Quick-Step. But let's not forget Unilin - a leading manufacturer of laminate and wooden flooring, wood-based panels, melamine panels and roofing systems. Just last January, Unilin's Flooring division wowed DOMOTEX visitors with extremely moisture-resistant laminate. Now the Technology division, based in Luxembourg, is taking its turn to present a string of trade fair premieres.

Eager to kick-start a revolution in herringbone installations, Unilin has developed glueless locking technology that's in a class of its own. Thanks to this innovation, floor fitters should only need one type of panel in the future. They can wave goodbye to using A-B or left-right panels, as this really is a one-size-fits-all solution. For the industry, this also means just one stock keeping unit (SKU/order number) will be required. In turn, this will ensure straightforward, intuitive installation in next to no time and keep production, shipping, storage and sales operations nice and simple.
Unilin bvba division Technologies (8070 Bertrange, Luxembourg), Hall 12, Stand C58
Contact: Floris Koopmans
Tel.: +32 4 97279337
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