Roll out the red carpet!
Over a period spanning several decades, NURTEKS has gained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality sport floor coverings. At DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover, the Turkish company is now looking to demonstrate it has far more to offer - including red carpets for high-profile global figures.

Even though it's an integral part of virtually every ceremonial occasion, only a few people tend to know where the famous red carpet comes from. If you were wondering who supplied the bright red surface that greeted the Pope on his recent visit to Romania, for example, we would be able to tell you. As is so often the case on such occasions, it was a product from NURTEKS, the Turkish floor covering specialist. Founded in 1972 in the Eminönü district of Istanbul, the company can lay claim to far more than supplying the some 7,200 square meters of red carpet used during this papal visit. The true extent of what NURTEKS has to offer will be in evidence at DOMOTEX 2020.

At the event, the company will be showcasing its wide range of sport floor coverings - the first main focal point of its business. NURTEKS has the ideal surface for everything from soccer fields and golf courses to tennis, hockey, basketball and volleyball courts. Its artificial turf for soccer fields, for instance, meets FIFA's strict quality standards, as confirmed by a license agreement with the association that dates back to 2001. The Turkish company uses this same robust, high-tech surface for landscaping and playgrounds, with an appropriately colorful version for kids set to be unveiled at DOMOTEX 2020. NURTEKS is also an institution when it comes to supplying high-quality, elegant floor coverings for heavy-duty use in public buildings, hotels and the like. As a result, the company's loyal customers include numerous leading hotel chains.
NURTEKS HALI (34149 Bakirkoy, Turkey), Hall 6, Stand A46
Contact: Serhan Yanilmaz
Tel.: +90 212 511 1986
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No wood - but no PVC, chlorine or plasticizers either
ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG’s third incarnation of its Avatara Design Floor is an attractive and robust easy-care option for anyone who values healthy, sustainable living.

ter Hürne stands for family values and a close affinity with nature, hence its commitment to sustainable working methods and healthy-living products. "ter Hürne also champions the many wonderful properties of wood. It's a natural material that combines warmth, sustainability and healthy-living qualities with versatility and decorative flair. These are the principles that have guided us throughout our 60-year existence," says Bernhard ter Hürne - along with his brother, Edwin, the second generation of the family to run the company. In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2020 this coming January, which will once again be a magnet for representatives of the flooring industry, ter Hürne is unveiling its new Avatara 3.0 Design Floor, which it says combines all the requirements for modern living in one product - despite the absence of wood’s natural credentials.

Like all Avatara Design Floor incarnations, version 3.0 uses only low-emission, sustainable materials and is 100% free of PVC, chlorine and plasticizers. State-of-the-art digital printing processes are intended to give the flooring an authentic look, including realistic surface structures on a par with nature. What's more, it goes without saying that the new product offers all the benefits associated with an Avatara Design Floor - such as a robust, easy-care surface made to withstand even the toughest everyday use, while still remaining quiet and pleasant to walk on.

Avatara 3.0 will be available in two different designs to cater as effectively as possible to a variety of room situations. Avatara Design Floor Comfort has a swell-protected HDF baseboard combined with integrated cork impact sound insulation, while Avatara Design Floor PerForm uses a baseboard made of the innovative material Talcusan, which mainly consists of silicates, chalk and eco-friendly polypropylene. This gives moisture absolutely no chance, so PerForm flooring can easily be used in kitchens and bathrooms, too. Avatara PerForm also boasts integrated SoftSense impact sound insulation that is perfectly coordinated with the Talcusan material. Last but not least, click connection ensures quick and easy secure installation of both designs.

ter Hürne offers a total of around 30 different decors to suit a variety of tastes - from bright, fresh looks and natural beige-brown wood tones to tile designs with a special format and authentic-looking stone-like surfaces that are set to make them real eye-catchers.
ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG (46354 Südlohn, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B18
Kontakt: Carlos Pauly
Tel.: +49 2862 701-164
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Naturally the best
Global trends relating to nature were both an inspiration and challenge for TARKETT's "100 % LINEN" - a linoleum floor covering made without any pigments. In the words of the manufacturer, its natural, light beige-brown color exudes the ultimate feel of nature.

A global company with roots in France, TARKETT boasts an exceptional range of floor coverings. Its portfolio includes PVC floorings, carpets, parquet flooring, laminate, vinyl, artificial turf and sports flooring under the brand names Desso, Johnsonite, Tandus Centiva, Tarkett Sports, FieldTurf and Beynonferner. The company is in fact the current number one on the global market for vinyl, artificial turf and sports flooring. In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2020, TARKETT is launching a new version of a familiar, often unfairly underrated product that nonetheless seems to never completely have gone out of fashion - linoleum.

Yet TARKETT would not be TARKETT by relying solely on the tried-and-tested ingredients that have always made linoleum so appealing. Instead, the company responded to the global trends relating to nature, drawing inspiration from them and creating "100 % LINEN" - a linoleum floor covering made without any pigments. By eliminating pigments, TARKETT aims to accentuate the vivid colors and natural fusion of the production materials. It thus sees the warm, light beige-brown shade as the perfect addition to cutting-edge design concepts.

As with previous linoleum floorings, TARKETT has applied proven cradle-to-cradle principles in creating "100 % LINEN". This ensures surplus material from production can be reused either for other linoleum floor coverings or as a base material in other products. What's more, the inherently sustainable linoleum coverings from TARKETT also impress with their unique xf² surface protection, designed to offer enhanced resistance and simplify cleaning and maintenance.
TARKETT Holding GmbH (67227 Frankenthal, Germany), Hall 8, Stand S8
Contact: Lutz Vöing
Tel.: +49 6233 810
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Big numbers, big ambitions
Chinese vinyl flooring giant HUALI is making its debut at DOMOTEX 2020. Exhibits include EBENBILD, exclusive vinyl flooring that is set to impress with a winning combination of authentic designs, sustainability and attractive prices.

HUALI FLOORS is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of vinyl flooring. Each month, some 3,000 HUALI employees working in a 36-hectare production area manufacture no fewer than 1,800 container loads of flooring, 90 percent of which is exported worldwide. HUALI isn't looking to impress with figures alone, though. It also considers high, sustainable quality and visual diversity to be increasingly important, as demonstrated by another big number - the company offers over 4,000 different designs. DOMOTEX 2020 gives visitors their first opportunity to become better acquainted with this giant and its products, including own-brand designs.

The manufacturer describes EBENBILD - one of the products on show in Hannover - as a unique, high-quality design flooring made of vinyl that contains no harmful substances. Unusual wood and stone decors are intended to create a feeling of ultimate comfort in business premises and private homes alike. Customers can choose either the standard or premium version, both available with a variety of wear layers. EBENBILD is also offered in DryBack, rigid LVT board, tile and click variants, which extends the possible applications further still. According to the developer, HUALI vinyl flooring is designed to ensure quick and easy installation without the need for separate impact sound insulation. HUALI sums up EBENBILD as an exclusive luxury vinyl flooring product that is available at attractive prices in authentic designs and also boasts sustainable environmental credentials.
TAIZHOU HUALI NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD. (225527 Thaizhou, China), Hall 12, Stand D58
Contact: Peter Wang
Tel.: +86 523 88559825
Mobile: +86 1392 1705498
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Hardcore flooring!
Polish-based DECORA is at DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase a floor covering that, despite its innovative mineral core, has the uncanny look and feel of real wood.

Since it was founded in 1994, DECORA S.A. has been one of Poland's key innovative players in the field of floor coverings and the corresponding accessories. As a regular guest at the world's leading trade fair for the flooring industry - DOMOTEX in Hannover - the company is set to return with a whole host of interesting new exhibits in January coming. One of the highlights on show is undoubtedly the new coverings in the AMARON Wood Design range under the Arbiton brand.

In the run-up to the trade fair, DECORA is promoting its AMARON flooring with the catchy slogan: "As beautiful as wood - as practical as ceramic tiles". The latter is mainly due to the flooring's HD mineral core, which is made from a mixture of natural rock minerals and advanced polymers. In its own words, the manufacturer uses these ingredients to create 100 percent waterproof flooring with unparalleled levels of robustness. Not only is the extremely dense mineral core designed to be ideal for underfloor heating systems, its outstanding dimensional stability is said to almost completely prevent any expansion across areas of up to 200 square meters - even in very sunny rooms. Despite its mineral base and all the benefits that come with it, the AMARON Wood Design range - as the name suggests - is reportedly very close to real wood, thanks to its thermal properties and soft surface texture.
DECORA S.A. (63-000 Sroda Wielkopolska, Poland), Hall 13, Stand C23
Contact: Paulina Sobik
Tel.: +48 61 2864200
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Matchmaker for floors
What kind of structure's a good choice for your base layer? What adhesive to fix the covering? And which products are best suited to cope with residual moisture? Uzin Utz has devised a handy spinning wheel to quickly and easily identify the right flooring components for every job.

A new calcium-sulphate screed or the old one that's already in place? Wood or concrete? Every base layer requires a particular structure that takes the floor covering and, even more so, the characteristics of the substrate into account. Is the floor dry, or are there issues with moisture? Is the system heated or not? For quick answers to all of these questions, Uzin has developed a spinning-wheel selector right in time for DOMOTEX 2020. "The spinning wheel places the solutions to all challenges at floor layers' fingertips," says Thomas Schneider, head of application technology.

He explains that the spinning wheel offers a simple, clear and quick overview of Uzin's tried-and-tested systems that have proved their worth in real-life applications. It's a particularly handy guide for less experienced floor layers, of course - whether working on renovations or new builds - suggesting potential solutions and approaches for tackling existing floors, base primers, coupling agents, fillers and adhesives. Quickly "dial up" results by simply selecting the existing floor type and planned covering on the spinning wheel - and the optimum configuration pops up in the window! Uzin's premium products are meticulously designed and tested to ensure maximum reliability and quick progress on site. "The systems we recommend cover 90 percent of all needs with optimum solutions for the base layer and floor covering," Schneider proudly points out.
Uzin Utz AG (89079 Ulm, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C25
Contact: Tanja Peter
Tel.: +49 731 40974729
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Put us to the test!
As in previous years, the wooden design and testing expert Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie (EPH) is showcasing its wide range of services at DOMOTEX 2020, also unveiling two new test devices it has developed itself.

Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie (EPH) is an international service provider and a subsidiary of the Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden (IHD). It offers standardized, customer-specific and development-related testing of wood, laminate, cork, MMF and flexible floor coverings, underlay materials and outdoor decking. EPH is a partner in the independent TÜV PROFiCERT-product INTERIOR emissions and quality label and a notified body under EN 14041/EN 14342. This list of credentials makes the company's annual appearance at DOMOTEX virtually unmissable.

EPH's exhibits at DOMOTEX 2020 include a VOC/FA-emission test chamber and the new small ball impact test device for laminate floorings to EN 17368:2020, both of which EPH developed in-house. The company is also presenting information on training options for flooring tests and the opportunities offered by IHD for customer-oriented research and development activities relating to fire safety, emissions, surface and acoustic properties, and the development of specific flooring systems.
Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH) (01217 Dresden, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B41
Contact: Anja Walpert
Tel.: +49 351 4662 223
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A squeaky clean solution!
SAICOS COLOUR is at DOMOTEX 2020 to unveil the new "Zero" hard wax oil from its impressive Ecoline range. This solvent-free innovation promises to meet the high expectations of professionals and care for the environment at the same time.

When SAICOS COLOUR GmbH was founded by a group of chemists and engineers back in 2002, it had a clear vision. Equipped with a wealth of experience in developing and applying industrial coating systems, the founding members set out to provide durable solutions for embellishing, protecting and preserving wood and wood-based materials. Moreover, they were determined their solutions should be strictly environmentally friendly, pose no health risks and be consistently economical, simple and affordable. It's evident SAICOS COLOUR still stands by these aspirations today and will continue to do so without compromise in the future. In fact, the company is proving at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover that its philosophy is still going strong, and is unveiling its new solvent-free "Zero" hard wax oil for wood and cork floors and hard-wearing indoor wooden surfaces.

The new "Zero" hard wax oil from SAICOS COLOUR’s Ecoline range is primarily aimed at professionals who set great store by quality and, more importantly, excellent application characteristics. After all, the old proverb that time is money has never been more true. Indeed, processing this solvent-free product is a job best left to professionals, as it takes a fair bit of practice to apply it effectively with the SAICOS spring spatula. Similarly, smoothing out the oil to a smear-free finish calls for the use of a specialist buffer machine. To make the surface even more robust, users can mix additional hardening agents into the hard wax oil before application. Once the job's done, the non-hazardous and breathable coating ensures floors are highly resistant to abrasion and extremely hard-wearing. What’s more, end users are sure to be delighted with how easy it is to keep surfaces clean, as SAICOS promises an occasional once-over with a damp cloth is all it takes. But even if, after a lengthy period of time, a few touch-ups are required, there's absolutely no need to worry about sanding the surface beforehand.
SAICOS COLOUR GmbH (48336 Sassenberg, Germany), Hall 13, Stand A32
Contact: Lena Baur
Tel.: +49 2583 3037-0
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