Sörnsen Wood GmbH: A Carpenter sticks to his Strips

At DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover, Sörnsen Wood GmbH from Süderbrarup in Schleswig-Holstein displays its new BasicStyle skirting collection for the first time, divided into the two product lines BasicStyle Veneer and BasicStyle MDF.

Sörnsen Wood GmbH, based in Süderbrarup in the far north of Germany, has been manufacturing and supplying mouldings in a wide range of wood species and profiles for many decades. Currently, the product portfolio comprises more than 3000 standard articles, including mouldings for floors, walls, ceilings and doors. In addition, Sörnsen also sells the matching accessories. As a production company "made to order" and thanks to the in-house production of the tools, almost any desired profile, any special request can be implemented individually. In addition, this service permanently expands the range of mouldings that cannot be found in every corner. In addition to the facts, the values with which master carpenter Johannes Sörnsen began in 1945 also count at Sörnsen. These values, as well as the experience of three generations, are passed on to the employees and put into practice. Quality awareness, flexibility and cooperation based on partnership, in which old and young stick together, are the essential elements.

At the upcoming DOMOTEX, which will take place as usual in Hanover in January 2023, Sörnsen will be presenting its new BasicStyle skirting collection, divided into the two product lines BasicStyle Veneer and BasicStyle MDF. With this collection, the company is following the current customer demand for straight and simple shapes with edges that are as angular as possible. BasicStyle Veneer is available in the standard finishes Canadian maple, steamed beech, light oak as well as opaque white ash with high quality, clear lacquered veneer on a spruce substrate. In addition, customers can choose between the special finishes Walnut lacquered, oak smoked lacquered, oiled oak, whitewashed oiled oak, antique oiled oak and white oiled oak. In addition, there are two trend surfaces: Aluminium/stainless steel and high-gloss white with high quality, extra-thick CPL film on MDF. With a thickness of 16 millimetres and a standard height of 56 millimetres, they are ideally suited for use as parquet skirting boards and can be used with the familiar clip. BasicStyle MDF, on the other hand, is only available in the universal trend colour white, which, however, goes well with all floor and wall colours. The two thicknesses of 16 and 18 millimetres and heights of 60 and 80 millimetres respectively create additional flexibility.

Sörnsen Wood GmbH (D-24392 Süderbrarup)
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CFL FLOORING: Creating a more sustainable Industry

CFL Flooring (Creative Flooring Solutions) is the largest manufacturer of SPC and other hybrid flooring products worldwide. The company is recognized globally as an innovator – committed to developing, manufacturing, and marketing sustainable, value-added flooring products.

At DOMOTEX 2023, CFL FLOORING will be presenting their innovative Be-Lite Technology, which is thermoforming technology for SPC panels that, depending on the panel’s thickness, uses up to 20% less raw materials during the panel core manufacturing process. The resulting lighter SPC panels maintain optimum performance while providing acoustical reduction. In order for the broader flooring industry to benefit from Be-Lite Technology, CFL has entered into a technology partnership with i4F to extend the positive impacts of this more sustainable SPC panel production technology.

Furthermore, CFL will also present its ACOUSTIC floors portfolio. As a floor covering solution, FirmFit Silent contributes to the sound management while also improving the ergonomics and walking comfort. It is up to 6-times quieter than a normal 4mm SPC flooring product with a 1mm cork backing.


CFL Flooring Co., Ltd. (CH-Hong Kong)
Hall 23, Stand A56
Contact: Natalya Belyaeva
Tel.: +86 130 6265 0907
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i4F: If Everything was so easy...

The Belgian company i4F from Hamont-Achel is revolutionizing the production of SPC panels with its i4F Be-Lite technology. With up to 20 percent less material used and consequently lower transport costs, this new, sustainable technology noticeably improves the carbon footprint.

In 2013, i4F was founded with the clear intention to question and improve as many aspects as possible in the field of flooring. The very first attempt – an innovative locking system – quickly passed all necessary test in terms of production and performance. It was rewarded with a global patent. After the US customs authority also approved the import of i4F-licensed products in 2017, authorized flooring manufacturers were able to switch their production to i4F's new technologies on a large scale. According to the company, business skyrocketed after that. By continuously building strategic partnerships with global companies, i4F's portfolio now includes more than 2,000 patents in six different technological clusters. Just recently, i4F received two awards by BMC, Best Managed Companies. The company was recognized as one of the best managed companies in 2020/21 by Deloitte and won the Excellence Award for Strategy in the same year.

The innovative company i4F seems to be far from running out of new ideas. At DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover, the Belgium-based company will present I4F Be-Lite, a new, patented technology that should enable a significant reduction in the use of core SPC raw materials during the production process of decorative panels without compromising performance. The SPC boards produced in this way improve the carbon footprint through the reduction of material used, and reduce the costs of production and subsequent transportation at the same time. All this leads to a remarkable advantage and is a win-win situation for the industry and the planet. i4F Be-Lite is available exclusively through an i4F license as part of the portfolio of sustainability-driven manufacturing technologies. The technology itself is the result of a patent partnership with CFL Flooring.


I4F Licensing N.V. (B-3930 Hamont-Achel)
Hall 23, Stand B15
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Li & Co. AG: Only the best Ingredients

In keeping with its sustainable philosophy, the Swiss company LICO has developed Fibrano, a modern, recyclable floor covering that the Confederates are now presenting for the first time at DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover.

LICO sees an understanding of nature and working in an intact, natural environment as the true concept for a successful partnership with its customers. For the Swiss, this includes working with natural and renewable raw materials such as cork, linoleum or wood, as well as creating a genuine, natural ambience with various flooring product lines, coupled with innovative and customer-oriented principles. Since 1989, the year of its foundation, LICO has actually succeeded in developing into a modern, successful, innovative and globally active production company based on the above-mentioned values. Especially in terms of quality, flexibility, innovation and reliability, LICO is now one of the leading companies in the industry. Thanks to the permanent further development of the production facilities and the product range, LICO is also able to compete successfully in the everyday global market with an excellent price-performance ratio.

LICO will be demonstrating once again at DOMOTEX 2023 in Hanover that the philosophy outlined at the beginning is not just empty marketing slogans. In an effort to think sustainability from start to finish and to implement it in all its facets, LICO has now developed Fibrano, a plastic-free natural floor composed exclusively of renewable materials such as wood, cork, natural rubber, vegetable fats and other natural fibres. Despite or precisely because of these ingredients, Fibrano intendeds to be a modern, high quality and comfortable floor covering that meets all the technical requirements of the 21st century, even in terms of robustness (class 33) and above all in terms of its recyclability.


Li & Co. AG (CH-7537 Müstair)
Halle 23, Stand B68
Contact: Edwin Lingg
Tel: +41 81 8503838
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ter Hürne: The Best of two Worlds

ter Hürne has developed the Hywood hybrid floor for people who love wood, but at the same time do not want to make any compromises when it comes to function - and at an attractive price.

To go into the genesis of the company ter Hürne in more detail at this point would be to carry the famous owls to Athens. After all, ter Hürne now sees itself as synonymous with fascinating, high-quality flooring and wall and ceiling products. At DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover, the Münster-based company will be highlighting a large part of what makes them tick. For example, the parquet innovations from the Unique series, with which ter Hürne primarily appeals to nature-conscious people who value individual, authentic design created by nature. With the Avatara MultiSense floor, ter Hürne also offers an exclusive product. According to the company, it becomes an experience due to HD optics and tactile haptics, a technically superior floor that is unique on the market and which intendeds to set new standards. Also on show will be the design vinyl and laminate products of the recent years.

Another comparatively new highlight is ter Hürne's Hywood, a highly durable real wood hybrid floor. Although made of real wood and highly durable, Hywood is neither a parquet nor a design floor. Rather, Hywood combines the best of two worlds and forms something new from it. For Hywood, ter Hürne uses a combination of three technologies, primarily Wood Powder. Together, these make it highly resistant – to water, deep scratches, pressure marks and dirt. Despite these thoroughly practical properties, it remains a natural product: genuine, valuable, naturally beautiful – and above all sensual. Hywood intendeds to combine everything you want regarding wood.


ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG (D-46354 Südlohn)
Halle 23, Stand C33
Contact: Carlos Pauly
Tel: +49 2862 701-164
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DOMOTEX 2025 will take place from January 16 to 19 at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds.