Delta Rubber Imports: Saving the day

Delta Rubber Imports from Worcester in the UK is a proven expert in rubber floorings – including the floors for our four-legged friends.

When you think of DOMOTEX, the first thing that comes to mind is high quality, hand-knotted carpeting from exotic regions of the world. But the world's leading trade fair for the international carpet and flooring industry has much more to offer, as exhibitors such as Delta Rubber Imports from Worcester in central England prove. As the company name makes clear, the British have dedicated themselves to rubber - and produce all kinds of useful things made of it, including highly specialized floor coverings.

Delta Rubber sells an astonishingly wide range of hardwearing floors for livestock. Starting with horse mats and horseboxes, which the British export to all of Europe. The rubber mats are optimized for particular applications. Here is one example: The in-house mats for horseboxes are particularly effective in reducing fatigue, so that the noble four-legged friends feel comfortable and can move around easily. Other key features are the high quality, easy installation and uninstallation, the mats are also slip-proof, easy to clean, durable and affordable. The extensive range includes different types of mats for horseboxes and trailer ramps such as horse mats with air cushions, wide ribbed mats and much more.

In addition, cows also benefit from the properties of rubber floorings. The flexibility of the material allows the floor to cave and stretch slightly when exposed to the cows' weight, which encourages them to move around. This reduces the risk of injury to ligaments and joints compared to a hard surface. The cow mats are available with both interlocked and straight edges. Delta Rubber explains that the unique recessed, hollowed shape of the back of the mat also ensures optimal drainage, while the material itself provides excellent floor insulation at low temperatures.


Delta Rubber Imports Ltd (GB-Worcester WR7 4NQ)
Hall 19, Booth B101
Contact: Toby Scaria
Tel.: +44 19056135-00
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Güzel makineler – Belle macchine

Direkci Makina from Gaziantep, Turkey, has a truly impressive portfolio of ready-made and finishing machines for carpets and rugs. Some of these will now be on show for the first time at DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover.

As beautiful, noble and individual as handmade carpets may be - without their machine-made counterparts, many floors in this world would remain hard, cold and uncomfortable. And machines not only mean industrial looms. Anyone who wants to get an overview of the variety of peripheral equipment that can be used to professionally process textile floor coverings should plan a visit to Direkci Makina at DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover. Based in Gaziantep, Turkey, the company produces just about every type of finishing machine imaginable for carpets and rugs - and says it does so to the highest quality, with up-to-date technology and at low prices.

Direkci Makina regularly exports its products to around 50 countries all over the world. Despite high quality standards in production, things can always go wrong – this is why the company offers an international customer service with professional staff and the best service quality. In addition to the actual making-up and finishing machines, Direkci Makina has also been producing and supplying all the necessary spare parts for looms and yarn spinning mills for many years. The machines on display in Hanover include, among others, one back coating machine, one length cutting machine, one direct warping machine and one shearing line.


Direkci Makina Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd (TR-27600 Gaziantep)
Hall 20, Booth A47
Contact: Nuri Direkci
Tel.: +90 535 5864040
Fax: +90 342 5036050
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Eltex of Sweden: Don't lose the thread!

With its sensors, the Scandinavian company Eltex of Sweden has been ensuring the smoothest possible processes when weaving, tufting, winding or sewing for more than 50 years. The new G3s yarn break sensor, first presented at DOMOTEX 2023, is now set to continue this success story.

Eltex of Sweden from Osby in the historic province of Skåne is essentially dedicated to the development of yarn sensors and yarn tension monitors, as well as the associated data acquisition. Eltex's original product, the weft stop motion for weaving machines, has been continuously developed and perfected since its presentation in 1964. The various sensors are suitable for weaving machines, warping creels, tufting machines, winders, sewing machines and a wide range of other production machines. The Swedes are now presenting the new G3s yarn break sensor for the first time at DOMOTEX 2023 in Hanover.

The G3s yarn break sensor uses piezoelectric technology to detect the movement of all types of yarns in many different applications. As it does not rely on a central control unit, control can be very cost effective. The G3s is designed to detect yarn

breaks on textile machines with up to 120 yarns. Available with eight, ten or twelve eyelets, individual sensors can also be linked together. Then they are connected to a machine control system (PLC) or other electronic devices such as relays or I/O modules. And should it not be possible to connect the G3s or other Eltex sensors such as EVG-s or UPG directly to the PLC, an Eltex FlexiHub can be used instead.


Eltex of Sweden AB (SE-283 50 Osby)
Hall 20, Booth A51
Contact: Brian Hicks
Tel.: +46 479 53 63 00
Fax: +46 479 5363 99
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EFAB GmbH: Tufted thing

The innovative eTuft robotic tufting machine combined with the matching software from EFAB creates a seamlessly integrated solution for turning creative ideas into a finished carpet in the shortest possible time.

EFAB GmbH from Korschenbroich on the Lower Rhine is a high-tech company for hand-tufting robots and carpet design CAD/CAM software. As such, it not only offers its customers innovative and high-quality products as well as solutions for all types of carpet production, EFAB's know-how in CAD/CAM software development and industrial automation is also designed to give customers a competitive edge in carpet and runner production at the same time. At DOMOTEX in January 2023 in Hannover, EFAB will be presenting, among other things, its new economical line of robotic tufting machines called eTuft 3×4 ECM-A for the first time.

In the rigid aluminium structure of the eTuft 3×4 ECM-A, seven servo motors ensure that the cleverly designed mechanical tufting head is transported quickly and reliably to the desired position on the twelve square metre work surface. This tufting head alone is a special feature. Working without compressed air and equipped with non-stop cut/loop change, it is said to be ideal for tufting with low cut pile, among other things. According to EFAB, in combination with eDesigner and eHMI software, this results in an all-round tufting solution for creative and cost-effective carpet and customised artificial turf production.


EFAB GmbH (D-41352 Korschenbroich)
Hall 20, Booth A77
Contact: Farzin Hariri
Tel.: +49 2161 8296 775
Fax: +49 2161 8296 776
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DOMOTEX 2025 will take place from January 16 to 19 at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds.