Check out this decking!
Keen to demonstrate its own manufacturing skills, Timberagents has chosen DOMOTEX 2020 to unveil its highly sustainable GREEN DECK terrace flooring - the company's first XXL outdoor tile to be developed in-house.

The focus of the booth at DOMOTEX 2020 is on indoor flooring and mainly on the area of design flooring / click vinyl. In addition to products such as SPC Klick Vinyl, a novelty will also be shown, a design covering based on a new carrier material (MGO). The carrier is extremely dimensionally stable and can even be installed in winter gardens. The top layer is made of HPL, which not only makes it a completely plasticizer. and PVC-free plank is offered, but also an abrasion class of AC43 is achieved, which currently only design coverings with wear layers beyond 0.7 millimeters actually achieve. The new carrier technology has also been specially tested for its fire resistance and can be used in objects without any problems.

Timberagents has decided to venture into new pastures from simply being an importer of floor coverings. In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover, the flooring specialist is now revealing its first product to be developed and manufactured in-house, hailing it a unique ceramic-topped XXL tile designed for outdoor use. Measuring 240 by 120 centimeters with a total thickness of just twelve millimeters, this tile boasts truly impressive dimensions thanks to the combination of a six-millimeter ceramic layer and particularly tough composites. The selected composite materials keep the entire board's weight to just 55 kilograms, making it easy for two people to handle. What's more, the design means it can also bear heavy loads. In fact, GREEN DECK is even said to withstand steel balls being dropped from a height of around 170 centimeters in test conditions. Last but not least, the XXL tile is laid onto a special aluminum substructure, eliminating the need to spend time putting down a conventional bed of gravel.
Timberagents - owner Marc Huneke (26215 Wiefelstede, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D47
Contact: Marc Huneke
Tel.: +49 441 6834122
Mobile: +49 177 382 34 56
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How a handy device is reshaping milling work
Are you looking to carry out complex milling work quickly, easily and without using templates? If so, whatever your level of experience or the size of your chosen workpiece, you should check out the mobile, user-friendly "Origin" CNC device that Shaper Tools GmbH is exhibiting at DOMOTEX 2020.

At the heart of this milling unit developed in San Francisco, California, is computer-aided image processing technology that tracks where the tool is on the workpiece so the cutting bit’s position can be corrected automatically to ensure it faithfully follows a digital design. This makes users' lives a whole lot easier, as they merely need to guide the device while it automatically positions itself to achieve high-precision results.

Since the milling unit is guided by hand, the spindle is designed to even out any unsteady movements within its operating range and thus facilitate flawless, accurate cutting. Besides being the ideal piece of kit for processing wood, the Shaper Origin can also tackle solid surface materials. Thanks to its clever concept, cabinetmakers, carpenters and laypeople alike can make use of this nifty solution to customize floors and add a variety of finishing touches such as inlays or engravings - the choice is entirely yours!
Shaper Tools GmbH (73240 Wendlingen, Germany), Hall 13, Stand G23
Contact: Mirja Leibßle
Tel.: +49 7023 1434700
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A new lease of life!
Swiss company HWZ International AG artistically rejuvenates old wood in handcrafting wall panels for its new INDO collection - in a bid to bring people back closer to nature.

Using old wood as fuel might seem the most obvious option in many cases - but not in HWZ International's eyes! The specialist in innovative wooden surface finishes considers this raw material way too valuable to simply send up in smoke. The Swiss company is far keener to focus on recycling and getting maximum use from this precious resource. A prime example of its green philosophy is on show at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover, which HWZ International has chosen as the grand occasion to unveil its new INDO premium decorative wall coverings.

The team designed the INDO collection to draw attention to the versatility and ecologically responsible ways in which the natural product wood can be used. All the designs in the collection are crafted by hand in finely tuned production processes, which makes every panel authentic and utterly unique. The team gives full credit to the source of its inspiration and creations - describing the wood as a "gift from nature" that it has reclaimed and embellished to lend a meaningful new lease of life.
HWZ International AG (6055 Alpnach Dorf, Switzerland), Hall 12, Stand B28
Contact: Daniel Keppler
Tel.: +41 58 4706617
Mobile: +41 79 214 19 12
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Beautiful boards and pretty planks
The TRC Manufactory featured in Wintersteiger's showcase at DOMOTEX 2020 provides bespoke surface finishing for rustic planks and boards. This novel machine can also process - fully automatically - both raw materials and timber that has already been repaired and ground.

Wintersteiger AG is highly renowned for its thin-cutting technology, which is used in lamella production across the globe. The key advantages for customers include a narrow kerf, a ready-to-glue surface and immediate further processing of the lamellae without the need for any additional steps. Wintersteiger's portfolio encompasses thin-cutting frame saws and band saws, blade sharpening machines, carbide-tipped and Stellite® saw blades, not to mention gluing and pressing technologies. Among the Austrian company’s star machines is undoubtedly the TRC Manufactory, which is said to ensure a unique surface every time.

Designed for the fully automated and bespoke surface finishing of rustic planks and boards, the TRC Manufactory can handle both raw materials and base material that has already been repaired and ground. To offer an outstanding level of customization, the TRC Manufactory scans every plank before processing, using its software to create a dedicated finishing program for each one. This program can incorporate a whole host of steps, including milling or grinding the side edges, reworking knots, finishing the grain and milling out cracks - to cite but a few examples. The combination of timber and custom finishing is designed to ultimately ensure every single plank is a true one-off piece that boasts both a captivating look and feel.
Wintersteiger AG (4910 Ried/Innkreis, Austria), Hall 13, Stand B17
Contact: Florian Starck
Tel.: +43 7752 9190
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Authentic wood effect - but more versatile
Laminate and parquet specialist LAMETT is showcasing the new "Yukon" collection in its innovative ParquetVinyl series of floorings at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover - designed to impress with its deceptively realistic wood finish.

Following the huge success scored by the triple-layer parquet flooring newcomer "Carcassonne" last time around, at the upcoming DOMOTEX in January, the global laminate and parquet flooring specialist LAMETT is raring to unveil its new "Yukon" ParquetVinyl collection. The idea behind ParquetVinyl is to embellish the latest innovations in vinyl-based floor coverings with an unparalleled natural look. LAMETT proclaims the resulting "Yukon" collection to be virtually indistinguishable from actual wood, including deceptively realistic cracks and knots on boards structured and designed to create an authentic wooden feel using innovative EIR technology.

One of the major advantages of "Yukon" is its fully waterproof finish, even on beveled edges (generally a notorious weak point!), making it an ideal floor covering in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. "Yukon" is easy to install using an extremely convenient click system and features an integrated IXPE backing that evens out any irregularities in the subfloor, while also improving acoustics. Its stable carrier consists of 70 percent limestone and is entirely plasticizer-free, which is topped with a layer of film printed in high resolution, followed by a robust, transparent wearing surface (usage class 33) and finished off with a matt PU, anti-slip coating. Customers keen to capture this unique effect can choose from two options for laying the floor - either in parallel rows of classic boards or adopting a zig-zag fishbone design.
LAMETT Europe NV (8540 Deerlijk, Belgium), Hall 12, Stand C79
Contact: Joyce Verfaillie
Tel.: +32 56 65 36 21
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As good as Belgian beer
Under the banner of "BIGGER, GREENER & CLEANER", Belgian-based MercuryFlooring N.V. is not only showcasing its new, eco-friendly floor coverings for both indoor and outdoor use at DOMOTEX 2020 - it is also treating visitors from all over the world to some of the finest Belgian beer.

MercuryFlooring is a proven specialist in high-quality indoor and outdoor floor coverings and mats. Thanks to its expertise and innovative approaches, it is able to offer bespoke products for both residential and commercial use. What’s more, the company is always looking to push its own limits and set itself apart from its competitors through its systematic and personal service, flexibility and strong B2B brands. Employing a workforce of approximately 130 for four B2B brands, MercuryFlooring is currently active in over 50 countries, including Russia and the United States. The company is coming to DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase its latest developments - the PVC-free Opticoat range and the Inuci line.

The motto "BIGGER, GREENER & CLEANER" neatly summarizes what the new PVC-free Opticoat portfolio is all about. The mats in this range feature a brand-new coating line and a PVC-free backing and are designed to offer a sustainable alternative to conventional anti-slip vinyl. MercuryFlooring is showcasing three variants from the Opticoat range in Hannover - ALPHA as a budget model for promotional campaigns, SUNRISE as a luxury polyester doormat available in eight colors, and TRINITY as a walk-off mat with three functional zones.

What sets the carpets in the Inuci line apart is their outstanding versatility. According to the manufacturers, terraces, verandas, swimming pools and sanitary areas, saunas, fitness rooms, tanning beds, camping areas and even yachts are among the many possible places users can lay these carpets. However, the Inuci line is also ideal for more everyday areas, such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. And thanks to its robust design, it’s suitable for commercial spaces, too - such as offices, showrooms, hotels and restaurants.

To ensure visitors have no trouble finding MercuryFlooring at DOMOTEX 2020, the company has marked its stand with an "X". Whoever discovers it should act fast because, after all, these innovations aren’t the only thing this stand has to offer - there's also delicious Belgian beer waiting to be enjoyed.
MercuryFlooring N.V. (8790 Waregem, Belgium), Hall 11, Stand A72
Contact: Michel Verstraeten
Tel.: +32 56 61 06 95
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