The carpet and rug industry has been swaying between traditional and progressive forces for ages. Ancient craftsmanship, colors and patterns that tell age-old stories and perpetuate values jostle with constantly changing demands for cutting-edge answers to keep pace with our rapidly evolving lifestyles. While many companies have their feet set firmly in either one camp or the other, some daring souls walk the tightrope between the two - such as Obsession AG. Inspired by key trends in the international furniture and lifestyle sector, from its very beginnings Obsession stood out proud on the market as an autonomous, creative fledgling company concocting unconventional and yet (in its own words) "consumable" designs. At DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, which has only just come to an end, the company showcased some fine examples of cutting-edge 3D textile creations.

Obsession AG has artfully incorporated this latest trend into each of its three current ranges:
Firstly, My Bolero - with meticulous crafting that juxtaposes two lengths of fiber to create a rich landscape of colors, shapes and sensations. Even so, Obsession has succeeded in staying within the budget of its affordable BASIC range.
Secondly, My Espen - with a three-dimensional aspect to the textile that deliberately disrupts the stark, highly geometric shapes in its natural wool design, as part of the NATURELINE series. Its designers accredit this rug with almost transcendental qualities, no less.
And finally, My Sense of Obsession - in its HAUTE COUTURE collection, hand-crafted in equal proportions from wool and viscose to create an indulgently meticulous, three-dimensional textile. Obsession itself describes the result as achieving “spectacular exclusivity” that can only be compared to the finest Oriental artisanship.