Playing a pivotal role in the carpet and rug industry, tradition stands for relationships that have blossomed over many years, a feel for quality, and the things in life that we hold dear. The Farhadian family, for example, has been immersed in the rug trade for four generations - Faradj Farhadian himself since his childhood, notching up more than forty years of experience. After touring the various bazaars throughout Persia at an early age in the company of his father, Faradj successfully set up a wholesale rug business with his brothers in Hamburg, Germany. Keen to pave the way for the future and carry on the family tradition, in 1999 he took the decision to launch a new company with his daughter Banafsheh and son Homayoun - and so Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian OHG was born. Today, Faradj and Homayoun Farhadian work predominantly in Tehran and the surrounding regions, while Banafsheh and her sister Rana Farhadian run the subsidiary in Hamburg.

At DOMOTEX 2019, the family enterprise is showcasing a range of exquisite exhibits, including the lavish Rizbaft collection of unique nomadic rugs. The meticulously developed designs in this collection truly live up to its name, which translates as "finely knotted". What's more, the colors are constantly carefully adjusted to complement the latest trends in interior design. As South Persian custom dictates, the company insists on using only the very best material for Rizbaft - hand-spun wool, which lends the rugs their exceptionally vibrant appeal. Once colored by means of an age-old process using pure plant dyes, the wool is knotted in the Fars province, nestled between the culturally outstanding city of Shiraz and the port of Bandar Abass.