Hossein Rezvani is a carpet designer and owner of Hossein Rezvani Design OHG in Hamburg

The strong trend towards customization is continuing. To an increasing extent products and services are being individually adapted. What are the implications for your sector?

Hossein Rezvani: "This is also a strong trend in our sector. At present customized orders account for approximately 65 percent of all orders. Customers select a design in the collection and then adapt it to their personal requirements in terms of colour and size. We began this about five years ago and introduced a special colour system in Iran to ensure that nothing can go wrong during the dyeing process. We work with colour charts which are available in the dealers' showrooms, as well as the dyeing plant in Iran. This means that we can guarantee colours, and the customer receives his or her dream carpet."

Customization offers new sales opportunities for manufacturers and dealers. To what extent can your company exploit the potential inherent in this mega trend?

"The 'customized' carpet is a strong selling point and is popular with customers all over the world. As evidenced in the statistics, customized carpets already account for one half of all sales and will play a major role in future. A further argument is that dealers can adapt to specific markets, respond to local trends and fulfil market demands. An attractive red shade that sells well in Europe will not necessarily be bought in Asia. It is a win-win situation for both parties."

How will the keynote theme be integrated into your presentation at DOMOTEX. Which customization-related products and services will you be showcasing at DOMOTEX?

"Every year new collections are premiered at DOMOTEX. Next year there will be special editions of models which dealers can adapt to their special requirements. The topic 'customized carpet' has played a central role – and will continue to do so next year. Wait and see what's awaiting you. If I told you everything now, you would not come and visit our stand!" (laughing)

In your view, how will the trend towards customization develop in future?

"In my view this topic will become increasingly significant. Against a background of growing uniformity, customized products will become more and more important. Carpets, in particular, form the centrepiece of a living room or dining room. The customer can realize his or her wishes and become the owner of a self-designed product: a personalized Hossein Rezvani carpet. Tastes vary. This is what makes the world so attractive."