Large ceramic tiles and slabs are all the rage, and there are no signs that this trend will end any time soon. Porcelain stoneware, concrete and natural stone slabs up to 3.20 x 1.60 meters in size are no longer a rarity, which means the industry needs an installation material with properties geared specifically to these large formats. This calls for plenty of flexibility and, above all, a high crystalline water-binding capacity to ensure rapid drying underneath the slabs - even in the case of large surfaces with only a small proportion of joins - so as to achieve the necessary strength. MAPEI, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals for the building industry, is constantly setting new standards with its innovative products. It tackled this latest challenge by developing the new high-performance cementitious adhesive KERAQUICK MAXI S1.

Available in both gray and white, the latter with a very high white balance, KERAQUICK MAXI S1 features a low-viscosity consistency for quick and easy handling. Its unusually high stability stems from special rheological properties that are designed to enable even large, heavy slabs to be installed on vertical surfaces without any risk of them slipping. These same properties are also intended to prevent large and heavy floor tiles from sinking, especially when installed with high mortar bed thicknesses of up to 15 millimeters to correct uneven substrates. In addition, KERAQUICK MAXI S1 boasts excellent stress-reducing properties (class S1 deformability) and quickly achieves a high initial strength to enable rapid use following installation - a major advantage when working to tight deadlines!