An exhibition of bright ideas and practical WorkLabs in the Framing Trends zone at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover marked the launch of the floorCODES project, which aims to rethink flooring from the ground up. The driving force behind floorCODES is Uzin Utz AG, the leading supplier of chemical construction products and systems, and the idea is to initiate interdisciplinary dialog with experts in architecture, design and the flooring trade with the aim of generating creative ideas for the floors of tomorrow. The future trends study will be conducted in collaboration with the Institute of International Trendscouting (IIT) at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Hildesheim, MEGA eG and Deutsche Messe AG.

The project focuses on the following key questions: How will people live in the future? What flooring will be used? What will be its function? And what issues will be relevant to flooring as part of interior design? The three-year study involves working with floorCODES WorkLabs to develop a mobile, interactive research and communication platform for architects, interior designers, floor layers and interior decorators to reveal and develop useful approaches to the future of floors. "With the floorCODES project, we would like to take up the results of our jubilee project 'The future underneath us' and set new impulses for the future," explained Philipp Utz, a member of the Management Board of Uzin Utz AG, in Hannover.