Anyone who lives or grew up in even a semi-rural environment will know the scream of a circular saw only too well. Not to mention how far the noise carries and just how unpleasant it is. In manufacturing environments, sustained noise at this level is scarcely permissible nowadays due to health and safety considerations. That's why companies are working hard to reduce the kind of noise generated when cutting panels on table, format and standing plate saws - and these efforts inspired Leitz GmbH & Co. KG to develop a particularly user-friendly, pioneering circular-saw blade technology called WhisperCut.

The company is rolling out the red carpet in Hannover to present the first spectacular showcase of its WhisperCut circular saw blade at DOMOTEX 2018. The unique group toothing design makes the blade suitable for cutting virtually all kinds of widely used wood-based panels and solid woods with exceptional quality. It truly lives up to its name by staying absolutely quiet at all times, whether idling or in operation. It doesn’t take much imagination to think how this improves workplace ergonomics! What's more, the saw blade's diamond tips and stable tooth geometry ensure extremely long tool life, while the option of sharpening and reusing the blade twice over cuts production costs even further.