Based in Suwałki in North East Poland and established in February 2002, SALAG has made an international name for itself as a moldings and profiles specialist. It has since branched out into outdoor floor coverings, which have been equally well received on the market. In January, the developers at SALAG unveiled their latest innovation - the Gumi Composite Decking Parquet - at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

The Gumi Composite Decking Parquet uses a new, patented and non-invasive system for installing flooring on terraces and balconies. With no tools or drilling required, the system is perfect for adding to structures that must remain watertight. The special connectors and holes in the boards make designing balconies or terraces easier than ever, so that just about anyone can quickly achieve impressive, professional-level results. The Gumi Composite Decking Parquet is made from wood-plastic composite (WPC), which combines wood flour, high-quality PVC and strengthening additives. The advantage of WPC is that it is low-maintenance and does not require treatment, while also being exceptionally resilient and able to withstand all weather conditions. The connectors are made from extra-robust synthetic rubber, and are thus also resistant to frost and extreme temperatures. What's more, thanks to their clever design and properties, they can be reused multiple times.