Some visitors may have already encountered paper yarn or paper cord in early 20th century museums and exhibitions. Due to a lack of raw materials back then, bags, lampshades, hats, caps and even shoes, carpets and upholstery fabrics were produced from paper yarn. But even today, the material's versatility makes it ideal for colored and, most importantly, high-quality yarns. "Finnish paper yarn", in particular, has such an excellent reputation that it is considered a quality benchmark. Paper yarn is therefore the obvious choice of material for any Finnish carpet weaver. That's why VM-Carpet - a family business with a successful 45 year track record - manufactures paper yarn rugs in addition to its range of wool, cotton, sisal, polyamide and polypropylene rugs. Two new collections, KELO and HONKA, are being unveiled at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

KELO and HONKA are anti-dust, anti-static, hard-wearing and an excellent choice both for the home and public spaces. The rugs exhibit low inflammability and, thanks to their dirt-repellent treatment, are very easy to care for. The cotton borders on the rug edges are also treated. What's more, the EVAPOLYTEX backing on the rugs makes them dimensionally stable, flexible and anti-slip. The backing is suitable for all types of flooring, even in rooms with underfloor heating, as it leaves no marks. The materials used for KELO and HONKA are odorless and environmentally friendly, complying fully with the company's "Natural Design" philosophy.