Laminate floor coverings are known for being attractive, modern, cost-effective, easy to clean and very robust. However, the one fly in the ointment is the issue of noise – depending on the quality and use of the flooring, its smooth and relatively hard surface can cause neighbors to hear every single step on it. This can become extremely irritating, and has even led to court cases. The problem is usually solved by installing footfall sound insulation between the base and the laminate covering. But here too things are not easy, with a number of different solutions available, all claiming to deliver the best results. One new contender in this field is Poland’s DECORA S.A. with the Multiprotec ECO underlay, celebrating its premiere at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

DECORA has billed Multiprotec ECO as one of the most effective parquet and laminate underlays on the market. Optimized in a comprehensive series of trials and lab tests, Multiprotec ECO is reported to reduce the sound of footfall by up to 22 percent, making it ideal for applications where the highest standards are expected. What's more, it also boasts all-important ecological credentials. Made from over 93 percent natural components, Multiprotec ECO is CFC-free, recyclable, toxicologically harmless, and suitable for disposal with household waste. CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process are over 30 percent lower than those for other comparable products. In fact, installing one square meter of Multiprotec ECO is calculated to have the same effect as a newly planted tree!