The resounding success of the highly innovative Basmat-brand entrance matting, originally owned by the leading Spanish manufacturer of decorative floor profiles Baglinox, prompted Basmat to branch out on its own as an independent company in June 2009. It wasn't long before the spin-off became a market leader in its own right in this segment in Spain. Basmat has now set its sights on conquering Europe and further-flung regions throughout the world. And how better to launch this quest than by appearing at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, where Basmat is showcasing its original product for the first time - aluminum entrance matting based on a patented click system.

The connecting framework in question opens up endless installation possibilities. Why limit yourself to a conventional, stand-alone mat plonked at the door when you can install an attractive floor covering to seamlessly fit any entrance zone. The idea is to offer architects, designers and anyone planning a building an appealing alternative that not only forms an effective barrier against dirt but also creates a very eye-catching entrance. The Basmat click system for installing the aluminum-based entrance matting strips couldn't be any quicker or easier. Each element is pre-cut to the customer's specified dimensions before leaving the factory and delivered with the full installation kit. What's more, customers can rest assured that should any modifications unexpectedly be required during the fitting process on site, these can easily be accommodated.