Turkey is one of the countries with a long tradition of carpet manufacturing - and accordingly, the country has produced many renowned carpet manufacturers. However, the success story of Mehmet Erdemoğlu and the Merinos brand he founded is probably unrivalled. In 1970, he and his family began weaving their first carpets with two looms. The company really took off in the 1990s at the latest. In addition to pure carpet manufacturing, the company also began producing its own yarns and home textiles, primarily in the form of blankets and bed throws. The unchecked drive for expansion ultimately led to Merinos being the largest producer of machine-woven carpets in the world today.

As a global brand with an international image and supra-regional quality standards, Merinos is also increasingly focussing on the obligations and responsibilities that go hand in hand with a certain size of company. Merinos itself speaks of socially-dimensional organisational activities that can be of benefit to society and make a contribution to the country's economy. The responsibility towards the environment, which is expressed in the new RECYCLE collection, should also be seen in this context. A total of 17 different designs, all woven from 100% recycled polyester - which was previously spun into high-quality yarn from 9,500 tonnes of waste material in the company's own processing plant - can be found in the catalogue for 2024 and will certainly also be on show at DOMOTEX in Hanover, which opens its doors again in January 2024.