India currently has around 1.34 billion inhabitants and is destined to take over pole position in the population stakes from China in the medium term. The subcontinent also boasts an unrivaled tradition in carpet manufacturing. Incredibly, however, this vast country has just one manufacturer of real wood flooring. With its Mikasa brand, Greenlam Industries Limited is now looking to demonstrate to the global flooring sector the quality India is capable of producing despite the lack of competition on the domestic market. And what better platform could it wish for than DOMOTEX 2020?

The name Mikasa was apparently inspired by the Spanish saying "mi casa es su casa" (literally, my house is your house). The Indian company reflects the warm generosity of this invitation in its floors and its vision of free-flowing contours in peaceful, healthy and comfortable surroundings. For the makers of Mikasa, each wooden board thus becomes something of a work of art, boasting natural beauty and enhanced with the latest European technology to further emphasize the wood's qualities and show it off in its full splendor. Mikasa floors are also designed to provide customers with a whole host of inspiring design options to give their homes a truly unique character.