La famiglia, the family, feels even more important in Italy than in the rest of the world. And so Galleria Battilossi is a family business in the best sense of the word. With the active support of his sister Marina, Maurizio Battilossi from Turin dedicates himself to the fascinating world of hand-knotted carpets. On his website, he characterises himself as following: "My roots are in Turin and my heart beats in Asia, but my curiosity and desire for discovery know no bounds. I believe I am here to learn, and I do. I used to dedicate myself only to antique textile art, but now I have broadened my vision to understand vintage rugs and textiles from all over the world. The key words are always quality, originality and beauty. Age is no longer a discriminating element. My contemporary rugs are the result of the combination of inspired, talented designers and the craftsmanship in this field, which is unique in Asia."

At DOMOTEX, which will open its doors again in Hannover in January 2023, Battilossi will present examples that represent his constant quest to conquer new areas in the field of handmade carpets. For the FADE collection, Battilossi explored the relatively new weaving method called “hand-weaving” and, in his quest for excellence, was ultimately driven to push the boundaries of this technique to achieve an exceptional result in terms of both appearance and quality. According to Battilossi, every aspect of making these rugs is done with great care. Hand-cut pile and shaping the ends and edges of the rugs shows the special attention to detail. Inspired by Rothko's color fields and the Persian Mazandaran textile aesthetic, the FADE collection is the result of very high quality hand-spun wool dyed in spectacular shades - and it is a proof of the profound knowledge of competent weavers.