Depending on what you want to accomplish and what you're starting out with, the surface treatment for wood floors can differ enormously. Sometimes, a single process is all that’s needed, while at other times, achieving the desired finish will require several complex operations. These can include mechanical steps such as structuring and texturing and treatment with a wide range of substances such as oils, waxes, stains and varnishes. Based in the Netherlands, Trivec specializes in developing turnkey finishing concepts and supplying custom-built surface-finishing modules to be integrated into pre-existing production lines. These modules can include infrared pre-heating panels, separate polishing units and UV curing equipment.

One of the company's modules is now being unveiled to the public at DOMOTEX 2020. The SCR270 Scraper from Trivec uses two specially designed planing heads to create a unique scraping effect on wood surfaces. By adjusting various parameters such as the horizontal and vertical oscillation speed of both heads, transport speed, scrape pressure, shape and type of blade, users of the SCR270 Scraper can produce a huge range of scraping effects. The machine can be programmed intuitively on its built-in touchscreen, where favorite settings can also be saved for future use.