A group of students from HAWK will be running two installations in the NuThinkers zone at DOMOTEX 2020 that will shed light on how this transformation of open space through interaction and communication can work. In preparation for developing their installations, the students analyzed the interior spaces of the university’s design faculty with reference to the criteria of space, color and light, as inspired by the keynote theme chosen for DOMOTEX 2019: ATMYSPHERE. The aim was to set up an effective interplay between these three design aspects which could then be staged in the NuThinkers zone as a showcase of the Color Design, Lighting Design and Interior Architecture components of their design course.

Exploring space-utilization categories through interaction

The individual facets of the interplay between space, color and light are explored and visualized in two installations. In one, the students’ thinking on ATMYSPHERE has been distilled into the three space-utilization categories of Communication, Regeneration and Concentration, which are embodied in three rotatable stainless steel wall prisms that DOMOTEX 2020 visitors can explore by interacting with them. This is complemented by a central installation comprising 48 color models and visualizations. The installation illustrates the students’ perspective on the keynote theme and provides talking points for dialogue with visitors. It brings to life in readily accessible form the interplay between floor and wall, space, color and light, thereby enabling visitors to gain an understanding of intermodal design in the creation of interior atmospheres.

Interdisciplinary study

This NuThinkers project is headed by HAWK’s Dr. Cornelia Moosmann (Lighting Design), Dr. Patrick Pütz (Interior Architecture) and Dr. Timo Rieke (Color Design) and involves the following 18 students: Mareike Friedrich (MA student tutor), Julia Flottmann, Melanie Freihube, Tara Gregull, Kilian Häbel, Trong Hieu Hoang, Yuliia Kravchenko, Jamie Lüder, Julia Masur, Bianca Mohrmann, Ronja Podesky, Ambra Rosenowski, Lisa Schröter, Marina Steenbergen, Claudia Tippmann, Paulina Tymek, Antonia Warneboldt and Sebastian Wiechens. The BA degree course in design offered by HAWK has a strongly interdisciplinary focus. Students are able to major in any one of the following nine core disciplines: Advertising Design, Branding Design, Digital Media, Color Design, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, Lighting Design, Metal Design and Product Design.