Indeed, This basically classic style can now range from "perfectly coordinated" right through to complete individuality. And, as opposed to the lifelong decision to fit oak parquet in your own four walls, carpet/rug layering can also be used to add a highly personal touch to every apartment on the way to finding that "for-life" dwelling and create an oasis of well-being tailored to your own particular needs. If we have piqued your curiosity as to how carpets and rugs can be combined and layered as stylishly as possible, you will find a few suggestions and basic rules below that you are welcome to follow or disregard as you see fit.

According to journalist Alexa von Heyden, who reflects on all aspects of fashion, interior decoration, beauty and food in her blog "Villa Peng", the best way to start rug layering is with a neutral base layer. Jute and sisal carpets are recommended as particularly suitable, because they are versatile and just about every rug layered on them comes into its own. Moreover, jute carpets are low-maintenance, and for that reason alone are the base layer of choice.

Our advice is, therefore: experiment with structures. A possible style option is to layer rugs on carpets so as to achieve an organic feel. First, you search out a color palette that suits the room, then take a carpet and a rug with different structures that go well together, and layer them.

For practical reasons, it makes sense not to vary the pile height too much so as to minimize the risk of tripping – which, after all, would likely make layering a rather unpopular topic. Just ask Freddy Frinton. Otherwise, experiment to your heart's content, lay the upper rug diagonally over the base layer, or use exotic cuts with non-conventional shapes and sizes. All this will make for a great look. One possible combination would be a modern wool carpet as base layer, topped with a chenille rug in vintage look. Incidentally,

Alexa von Heyden owes her initial inspiration in the world of rug layering to Katrin ten Eikelder who, with her handmade carpets under the Berlin label THE KNOTS, creates precisely the individual pieces that meet the wish for experimentation and individuality.

Irrespective of the material, and it can certainly always be the same as well, the stylistically confident among us can give their ideas free rein, especially where combining different patterns and designs is concerned. The trick is to have them merge with each other to achieve the perfect symbiosis. A little tip: as a starting point, it is always good to pay attention to choosing colors that match each other – though it goes without saying that tastes can very much vary. The motto is whatever you in particular like is allowed – for example layering indigenous-style or colorfully woven rugs on monochrome carpets or woven jute. This look creates contrast and lends a stylistic direction to a room that perhaps previously lacked precisely that.

Resting at ease means warmth – and vice versa. So what better than to create a comfortable place to spend the day in when it's not so warm outside. Synthetic hides or sheepskins are a very interesting option for a cozy corner. And a deep pile is simply a must to ensure that kind of ambience. Carpet manufacturer TISCA from Thuringia in Austria also focuses on this aspect of rug laying. Their range of products includes soft carpeting that not only insulates against the cold but also has a sound-dampening effect.

A combination of carpets and rugs can also be used to define spaces. A second rug is in most cases sufficient to mark a separate zone, for example in a large, multi-purpose living space or loft. This also works well even in a small condominium or studio, because a cleverly placed statement carpet or a cowhide rug can draw the eye inward. So go for it, start your own layering experiment!

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