Under the direction of Jamie Metrick, Managing Director of Elte, a jury of international experts from the design and carpet industry selected the most convincing designs in eight categories. A total of 206 carpet designs were submitted worldwide for the Carpet Design Awards 2024 . Of these, 24 entries reached the final round of the competition.

Design, Quality and Craftsmanship

The prestigious awards – presented in collaboration with COVER and HALI magazines – celebrate contemporary carpet design and reflect the innovations and trends within the industry. In selecting the finalists, the jury paid particular attention to the design, quality and exquisite craftsmanship of the handmade rugs. In selecting the finalists, the jury paid particular attention to the design, quality and exquisite craftsmanship of the handmade rugs. "The competition this year is fierce as there are some outstanding rugs up for awards. It’s going to be exciting to see industry veterans battle it out with less discovered designers and brands," reveals Jamie Metrick, head of the jury. Carin Terins, also a member of this year's CDA jury and RugVista AB’s Purchase and Creative Director, was particularly pleased with the creativity and quality of the submissions: „ I am fascinated by the passion and creativity that designers and artists possess, as demonstrated by this competition. The mix between contemporary and traditional elements, the variation between colourful and finely tuned neutrals, the beautiful craftsmanship and the importance placed on sustainability, all give me great hope for the future of the industry.” Three exclusive examples of each category made it to the finals . They will be on display in Hall 3 throughout DOMOTEX.

EUCA Award honors Carpet Importers

During the Carpet Design Awards, the European import trade for handmade oriental carpets will also be honored. The EUCA Award has been presented by the European Carpet Importers Association since 2007 and is being awarded for outstanding achievements in this field for the sixteenth time.

All winners of the eight CDA competition categories and the EUCA Award will be announced at a ceremony on the second day of the fair, 12 January 2024 at 6 p.m. at the Carpet Design Awards exhibition area in hall 3, booth D24.

The Finalists – who will win?

Category 1: Best Studio Artist Design
Original small scale production design from an artist or designer

  • Pomme d'Or, Maison Rhizomes | Berlin (DE)
  • Rhizomes 1 White, Maison Rhizomes | Berlin (DE)
  • Maschera, Dena Lawrence | Perth (AU)
  • Category 2: Best Modern Design Superior
    Original contemporary designs showing optimum use of materials

  • 1923 Runner (Prototype), Christopher Farr Editions| London (UK)
  • Kanoa by KAVI, Jaipur Rugs | Jaipur (IN)
  • Labyrinth – Charcoal, Wool & Silk | New Jersey (US)
  • Category 3: Best Modern Design Deluxe
    Original contemporary design showing optimum use of materials

  • Sakshat by KAVI, Jaipur Rugs | Jaipur (IN)
  • Charm, SAHRAI MILANO | Milan (IT)
  • The Raw Earth (Stefan Heyer), Knots Rugs Ltd | London (UK)
  • Category 4: Best Transitional Design
    A new rug that interprets traditional designs for a contemporary audience

  • Kismat Manchaha, Jaipur Rugs | Jaipur (IN)
  • Indigo Ripples, Manglam Arts | Jaipur (IN)
  • Jeevan Manchaha, Jaipur Rugs | Jaipur (IN)
  • Category 5: Best Flatweave Design
    Original rug design demonstrating the flatweave technique

  • Curb - Gill Thorpe x FLOOR_STORY, FLOOR_STORY | London (UK)
  • Chalet, Creative Matters | Toronto (CA)
  • Illuminata, Edelgrund GmbH | Hamburg (DE)
  • Category 6: Best Collection
    Contemporary Traditional or Transitional design collections demonstrating a common theme

  • Verso - Gill Thorpe x FLOOR_STORY, FLOOR_STORY | London (UK)
  • White & Beige Collection, Maison Rhizomes | Berlin (DE)
  • Espressionismo Floreale Collection, Laura Niubó | Los Angeles (US)
  • Category 7: Best Interior
    A high-end customisation project or rug installation represented by high-quality images

  • Knots Rugs x Knowle Hall, Knots Rugs Ltd | London (UK)
  • Zebra Leopard Palms - Hand Knotted Rug, Wendy Morrison Design | Musselburgh (UK)
  • Verso - Gill Thorpe X FLOOR_STORY, FLOOR_STORY | London (UK)
  • Category 8: Sustainability Award
    A rug that is produced with a low carbon footprint or/and that incorporates ethical practices

  • Forest, Gushka | Hutsulshchyna (UA)
  • Illuminata, Edelgrund GmbH | Hamburg (DE)
  • Foreshore Fields by Sebastian Herkner, M2Rugs | Hamburg (DE)
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