When, in March this year, the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the western world, experts - first and foremost virologists - were in more demand than ever before. With the exception of a few irrational episodes, like the hoarding of toilet paper, the largely well-founded advice of these specialists really worked. In Germany in particular, the virus was contained at a level that ensured the health system was never pushed beyond its limits. However, there was one area where, for a long time, experts couldn’t agree. In fact, at times, the debate about the effectiveness of face coverings became highly controversial. All the same, given the acute shortage of suitable masks at the start of the pandemic and the sometimes skeptical views of the experts, the decision was made to prioritize the supply of protective masks for health and care workers. Today, there is very little doubt about the benefits of face coverings - and the supply situation has eased a great deal, too. One thing that has certainly gotten supply lines moving again is the outpouring of solidarity from organizations and businesses, such as Saurer Twisting Solutions, the global leader in twisting and cabling technology.

Once Saurer's embroidery customers made it clear they wanted to help slow the COVID-19 pandemic, the company swung into action, developing punch data for a simple face mask design and handing it over to its customers. Using this punch data, customers can now easily produce large numbers of face masks on their Saurer shuttle embroidery machines.

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