Handmade carpets, such as those on show at DOMOTEX, represent unique gems. Made from high-quality sheep’s wool or fine silk, they create a special atmosphere in interior settings. They also provide thermal insulation, have a pleasantly soft feel and radiate a luxurious aura. By being comfortable, absorbing dust and pollen from the air and improving the room acoustics, these unique "jewels" contribute to a sense of Wellbeing. The use of renewable raw materials and their long service life make them sustainable components of home and property furnishings. In addition, their unique design makes them an eye-catcher in every room.

Organic designs, geometry and fair trade

DOMOTEX 2020 featured numerous carpets with floral and plant patterns, including Rica Basagoiti, Tissage, Tisca, Rug Star and the Floral collection from "The Four Seasons" exhibition by Lila Valadan. Creative Matters displayed its "Balthazar" innovation from the Halcyon collection made of Tibetan sheep wool combined with Chinese silk, with a motif graduated in eight shades of gray which reminded the viewer of gently curved stalks.

Another trend in handmade carpets consists of geometric patterns (Galleria Battilossi, Jaipur Rugs), several of which were inspired by motifs from the Bauhaus workshops, such as the "Ghashgha'i meets Bauhaus" collection by Zollanvari, which combines the traditional Ghashgha'i style with the formal language of Bauhaus master Josef Albers. The carpets are made of hand-combed and spun wool, dyed with natural plant dyes.

In addition to these qualities, committed manufacturers like Jaipur Rugs, Creative Matters, Paulig and Theo Keller ensure a clear conscience when buying carpets, because these manufacturers are socially committed to fair trade and the elimination of child labor.

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