Ever since Jürgen Dahlmanns founded RUG STAR GmbH in 2002, the company has combined two of his passions - hand-woven Tibetan rugs and contemporary design. Not only are Dahlmanns' creations sold in RUG STAR's own stores in Berlin, Augsburg, Zürich and Beijing, the company also has relationships with numerous sales partners around the world. Dahlmanns' very modern approach to rug design is heavily influenced by his background as an architect. He has the "tendency to view his work as a liberal form of creating space within a space" so that his pieces can be used for their original purpose - as space-creating objects without any additional obstacles.

RUG STAR is at DOMOTEX 2020 to once again showcase an extensive selection of exhibits. Besides checking out well-known designs and creations, visitors can also look forward to three trade fair exclusives this time around, including the new colorful "Eden New Butterfly" collection, which is part of the Paradise cycle. Designed to reflect the aesthetics from around the turn of the 19th century, "Eden New Butterfly" marks a new chapter in Dahlmanns' canon of narrative patterns. The other two works making their debut are "NewTribalHeart" and "Hard Boiled Splash No. 07, GoldCoral" - both equally exquisite pieces of craftsmanship.