"What's the most beautiful, the most beguiling, scent you have ever smelled?" asks Hakan Dinc, CEO of STEFANY Home & Living. "When asked this question, the first thing most of us will think of is some fine perfume or other. But what about the smell of old books? Or a salty sea breeze on a fine day? The intoxicating smell of a brand-new car? The invigorating scent in the air after a fresh shower of rain on a hot day? Or the comforting aroma of that first coffee of the day?" Hakan Dinc is talking about a special kind of beauty: the intrinsic beauty that inheres in the things around us, naturally and without any human intentionality.

ATMYSPHERE and the highly personal experience of beauty

Hakan Dinc believes that we humans have always created the world around us. We have shaped the planet according to our wishes and needs, and in so doing have lost sight of its original wealth of beauty. It’s an interesting thought, and one that explains why ATMYSPHERE , the keynote theme of DOMOTEX 2020, resonates so profoundly with so many people. The theme is, after all, about creating spaces where highly personal experiences can happen, and finding ways of shaping those spaces according to our own needs. At DOMOTEX 2020, STEFANY is inviting visitors to enter a very special space – a kind of tunnel in which they can traverse the evolution of beauty and, by engaging with interactive installations along the way, rediscover the origins of their own concepts of beauty. Hakan Dinc sees his company’s pavilion as a space of oftentimes surprising personal discovery: "Just pause for a moment and allow yourself to feel what you have missed, to feel the beauty of the planet and come to the realization that you are still a part of it." STEFANY's showcase is a truly unique creation, the result of interdisciplinary cooperation between many architects, software engineers and developers. But above all, it is an opportunity for you to experience the evolution of beauty as a magical moment of epiphany. Try it!