The small Belgian town of Waregem will play an important role in the coming DOMOTEX, the world's leading trade fair for carpets and floorings. The West Flanders epicenter for machine-made carpets is sending several established companies to Hannover, including Ragolle Rugs, one of the leading manufacturers of jacquard-woven carpets. In general, Flanders has a long tradition in the production of textiles and carpets. Since the Medieval times, the region possesses incomparable expertise in these segments. Therefore, Ragolle proudly states that all of their carpets are produced in Belgium. Moreover, Ragolle follows a self-set philosophy, defined in a mission, a vision and essential values.

Ragolle's mission is to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality carpets with a unique identity. By combining state-of-the-art technologies and skills with genuine passion, the aim is to create long-term value and competitive advantages, both for the company itself and for its customers.

However, Ragolle aims to create an environment that motivates its employees to be the best in their jobs, going beyond purely financial objectives. As such, Ragolle wants to become one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of carpets offering a highly respected brand. The company is therefore committed to continuous improvements of industry standards.

Finally, the Belgians articulate their values in short and crisp keywords: people, performance, commitment, passion, integrity, responsibility, reliability, creativity, efficiency, environment, trending, innovative and fair play.