From a purely economic perspective, Taiwan is primarily known for its renowned high-tech and electronics sector, with the semiconductor industry in particular currently dominating the global markets. However, the fact that design flooring also originates from the current world market leader in this discipline is far less well known. The appearance of Green-Flor - part of a Taiwanese flooring empire - at DOMOTEX 2024 in Hanover will clearly change that. Green-Flor's product range was developed specifically for the European market, but will include everything that has made the parent company number one in the Asian market over the past 40 years: Dedication, commitment, sustainability and advanced technology combined with many years of know-how and experience.

The creations on show in Hanover also include the PRIME INSPIRATION collection, a design floor based on the theme of slate. According to Green-Flor, stone with its natural charm represents the connecting element between nature and the earth. It radiates tranquillity and timelessness and allows elegance and functionality to merge in rooms. Natural stone is also available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Among the mineral variants, slate in particular is a metamorphic rock that has a high density and is both impermeable and resistant to stains. However, premium prices are demanded for the most exclusive and high-quality slate, as it is extracted at great expense in the corresponding quarries. The PRIME INSPIRATION collection is now intended to offer an affordable alternative with the same excellent material properties. To this end, a balanced spectrum of natural colors was selected - from warm grey to rustic earth tones. In combination with the large-format dimensions, the ultimate desired atmosphere can be created for interiors.