Even though it's an integral part of virtually every ceremonial occasion, only a few people tend to know where the famous red carpet comes from. If you were wondering who supplied the bright red surface that greeted the Pope on his recent visit to Romania, for example, we would be able to tell you. As is so often the case on such occasions, it was a product from NURTEKS, the Turkish floor covering specialist. Founded in 1972 in the Eminönü district of Istanbul, the company can lay claim to far more than supplying the some 7,200 square meters of red carpet used during this papal visit. The true extent of what NURTEKS has to offer will be in evidence at DOMOTEX 2020.

At the event, the company will be showcasing its wide range of sport floor coverings - the first main focal point of its business. NURTEKS has the ideal surface for everything from soccer fields and golf courses to tennis, hockey, basketball and volleyball courts. Its artificial turf for soccer fields, for instance, meets FIFA's strict quality standards, as confirmed by a license agreement with the association that dates back to 2001. The Turkish company uses this same robust, high-tech surface for landscaping and playgrounds, with an appropriately colorful version for kids set to be unveiled at DOMOTEX 2020. NURTEKS is also an institution when it comes to supplying high-quality, elegant floor coverings for heavy-duty use in public buildings, hotels and the like. As a result, the company’s loyal customers include numerous leading hotel chains.