The portfolio of flooring technology specialist JANSER includes appropriate tools and machinery plus relevant services for the trade. One of its latest products - and a particular draw at DOMOTEX 2020 for that very reason - is a junior version of the company’s ride-on stripping machine, which resembles a small ride-on mower.

The steady improvement in the adhesives used for floor coverings has made life more difficult when the time comes for such coverings to be removed. In many cases, manual strippers that you push along and even self-propelled equivalents are no longer up to the task of efficiently clearing large or medium-sized areas in private and commercial properties. That's why JANSER launched its ride-on stripper a number of years ago. Due to this machine's weight and dimensions, however, it tends to be specialized floor-laying businesses and contractors who use the ride-on - primarily for larger areas. That's what led to the idea of developing a further, compact ride-on machine to plug the clear gap in the market. The result is the JANSER Ride-On Junior. Its forward-leaning design is intended to place the center of gravity on the tool, for an optimum stripping performance that was previously only achieved by large ride-on machines.