Basically, Tisca Austria GmbH from Thüringen in Vorarlberg also belongs to the generation of baby boomers, because the company has been producing hand-woven carpets since 1963. Each one of them is unique with its own character, different from all carpets created before or after it. It is distinguished by its colours and designs, by its size and shape, by the thousand small irregularities that usually combine to form a harmonious whole. Made by hand, it has grown slowly and embodies the skill and also the passion of the person who created it. It is almost a privilege to be able to design a carpet according to one's own ideas. The customer determines the format, decides on materials, colours, designs and structures. Here, old craftsmanship should combine with modern design and become a personal interpretation whose beauty and harmony give rooms a new face.

But alongside so much lyricism, prose should not be neglected either. At DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover, the Austrians will be showing, among other things, their diverse hand-woven carpet collection Olbia. As always, Tisca attaches great importance to tradition and draws on decades of experience and tried-and-tested techniques when weaving the carpets. The Olbia collection with 96 colours and 26 structures offers an infinite number of model variations for the individual living atmosphere. Experienced weavers process only high-quality, predominantly New Zealand wool for Olbia. It is not without reason that Tisca products adorn the living rooms of people who appreciate fine, long-lasting craftsmanship.