For more than half a century, emco Bautechnik has been delivering products for a preventive approach to cleaning floors in private and commercial settings all over the world. The company is a major player, particularly on the European market, with production and distribution companies scattered across Europe and Asia. Besides its revered entrance mat systems and C/R/O clean-off floor coverings, emco's portfolio boasts highly effective promotional logo mats along with grates for shaft covers and swimming pool surrounds. But this flooring specialist also knows how to look beyond purely commercial interests, as a spontaneous good deed has recently shown.

Not long ago, it looked as if the "Stadt Land Fluss" forest kindergarten, located on the outskirts of Hamburg, would have to close after local authorities initially thwarted its plans to set up a mobile trailer. As a result, the 25 children were left with nothing but a makeshift tent without a groundsheet - and all the while, the weather was becoming progressively worse. With no prospect of alternative shelter in sight, the abrupt and complete closure of the forest kindergarten was virtually certain - a very tricky situation for the parents, most of whom work for a living. When emco sales manager Marcus de Noni heard about the predicament and saw images of the children's tent and the dirty, dust-covered floor, he didn't stop to think twice. Within just 48 hours, he organized a suitable (off-the-roll, dirt-trapping) floor covering and rubber ring mats for the daycare center. Thanks to this kind gesture, the children now have a "playground" (albeit temporary) under their tent roof, where they can get changed neatly sheltered from the wind and rain, play about, lie down and run wild - all without getting muddy or even wet. Being used to nature, improvisation and wrapping up warm, the tough forest kindergarten kids and their carers are all delighted with the solution provided, as you can tell from the photos they took to say thanks.

emco Bautechnik GmbH (49808 Lingen, Germany)