It’s not easy to find good things to say about climate change. We all need to change our habits as fast as possible, while adapting to new realities – which may be the one good aspect of climate change. In our northern latitudes here in Germany, some people are certainly happy about the extended opportunity to spend a large part of their time outdoors. And what could be more natural than to make their outdoor areas at home as cozy and pleasant as possible? It’s no coincidence that stylish lounge furniture and matching accessories are currently in strong demand, turning patios and balconies into comfortable oases of well-being. But the perfect finishing touch to this kind of atmosphere also depends on having the right kind of flooring. This article will show you why a good outdoor carpet can be just what the doctor ordered.

Aesthetic Runners

Soft, foot-friendly surfaces promote a sense of well-being, especially at times and in places where people prefer to dispense with shoes and socks. Outdoor carpets are capable of upgrading unsightly floors quickly and in a budget-friendly way. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, outdoor carpets also have practical advantages: they are generally low-maintenance, while being durable and easy to clean. Most often they are made of waterproof yarns and do not need a waterproof coating on the underside. Thus, the carpets can be left outside without hesitation, even in the rain, because both they and the substrate dry quickly. Nevertheless, in order to enjoy these beautiful items for as long as possible, they need to be stored in a dry and frost-free place during the winter.

Outdoor style and comfort

Among the suppliers with a strong focus on outdoor applications is Casaterra from the Swiss town of Erlen. This Swiss company’s portfolio includes the GARDEN LAYERS collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola and inspired by the architecture of India’s Mughal culture. Patricia Urquiola was born in 1961 in Oviedo. Today she lives and works in Milan. It all began with her architectural studies at the Faculdad de Arquitectura de Madrid with the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza and the famous Italian designer Achille Castiglioni. Immediately thereafter, Urquiola studied at the Polytechnic University in Milan (Polimo), where she also earned her Ph. D. in 1989. Between 1990 and 1992, Urquiola worked as an assistant lecturer for Castiglioni and Bettinelli at the School of Industrial Design in Paris. In 1991, she designed her first piece of furniture and headed De Padova’s product development unit until 1996. From 1993 to 1996, the designer specialized in interior design for showrooms and restaurants. During this period she collaborated with the architects Marzia de Renzio and Emanuela Ramerino. In 1996 she became head of the Lissoni Associati design group. Finally, in 2001, Urquiola founded her atelier "Studio Urquiola".

Colorful, yet harmonious ambience

Her current GARDEN LAYERS collection includes a wide selection of mattresses, side tables, daybeds, casters, pillows and, of course, rugs. The rugs, produced by GAN in Spain, are currently available in three decors, each in three different sizes. The decors and colors are coordinated with each other and are amplified by the other accessories, creating a colorful yet cohesive ambiance. All fabrics and fillings have been specially designed for outdoor use, but are designed not to compromise the coziness that is typical of indoor environments.

A plea for eternal summer

The handmade carpets by JAB Anstoetz Flooring from Bielefeld, Germany, are also particularly elaborate. Offered in cooperation with partner manufactories, the products are individually crafted to the highest degree of perfection by experienced artisans. Quite a few of the sophisticated designs have been awarded well-known prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award.

JAB Anstoetz sees its outdoor collection EDEN as a plea for eternal summer, inviting consumers to create a flowing transition between indoors and outdoors. The classically elegantly carpets made of robust and fast-drying fabric create a cozy atmosphere on patios, in gardens and exclusive pool areas. Aesthetically and functionally, they are designed to become a perfect foundation for the personal comfort zone. The PARADISE and TROPICAL models are each available in seven harmoniously coordinated, up-to-date color mélanges. Meanwhile, the shape and size of the carpets, made of durable polypropylene, can be freely selected.

Trendsetters for a new generation

JAB Anstoetz’s PATIO collection is likewise intended for indoor and outdoor use. In terms of their look and feel, these classically elegant carpets are, according to their creators, an enrichment for stylishly designed outdoor and indoor areas. This classically modern indoor and outdoor carpet conjures up a pleasantly cozy atmosphere on patios and balconies, but is also an eye-catcher indoors.

All the features of a high-quality carpet

Made by hand to the desired size, PATIO has all the characteristics of a high-quality carpet. This casual weave of recycled plastic is pleasantly soft underfoot and natural in appearance. Each PATIO carpet can be handmade to measure, in the colors of choice. The uniform-quality PATIO is available in nine trendy colors: cream, sand, mud, steel, aqua, khaki, greenery, flamingo and melon. In the two-color PATIO DUO variant, five attractive color combinations are available: steel-mud, melon-khaki, sand-flamingo, aqua-khaki and greenery-khaki. And to give creativity free rein, all nine trend colors can also be freely combined with each other to form PATIO DUO.

Washable rugs

The outdoor carpet collection of the Hamburg-based supplier TEPPANA is a tad more budget-friendly. In terms of its basic concept as well, the Hamburg company takes a different approach. All of its carpets, whether indoor or outdoor, consist of two layers: the removable design top and a waterproof, non-slip mat, which is designed to keep the carpet firmly on the ground. Among other things, this has the great advantage that the upper part can be removed from the mat for cleaning and put in the washing machine. Even with larger-sized carpets, this is easily done, according to TEPPANA representatives.

The company currently offers a total of 17 different designs, each available in eight different sizes. This includes a round format in each case. All models are made in Germany from primarily recycled material; they are vegan, durable and weather-resistant.

How PET bottles can be turned into truly unique items

URBANARA from Berlin also relies on recycled material for its outdoor carpets, more precisely on recycled PET (rPET). For this purpose, disposable polypropylene bottles are cleaned, crushed, melted and spun into yarn, which is then woven into durable indoor and outdoor carpets that hardly differ from wool in their softness. Of course, thanks to the water-repellent yarn, URBANARA's rugs are also impervious to moisture and exceptionally easy to clean.

Safe and fair perspectives

URBANARA is also committed to having all of its carpets across all the various decors and sizes produced under fair conditions. URBANARA therefore maintains direct contact with Indian communities in order to create safe and fair jobs and future prospects. The fact that the carpets are manufactured by traditional handicraft is evidenced by minor irregularities and variations. These are not considered a defect, but rather as a sign of individuality, being basically a question of perspective that each carpet can be considered a unique, distinct item with a character all its own.

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