Cork is one of the rapidly renewable raw materials with positive properties that are used to design coverings for walls and floors. Cork has an insulating effect, reducing sound transmission and temperature variations, while at the same time improving the interior climate. With "Dekwall", Wicanders presented a product line made of this natural material, corresponding to the current Floor & More trend for holistically designed rooms. This is a wall covering consisting of two layers of cork, which is matched to manufacturers’ floors. The surfaces come from fine to highly structured. The "3D Forms" wall elements by Granorte are also made of this environmentally friendly material in the trendy retro style, which are geometrically and three-dimensionally shaped in line with the product name. They can be used to furnish a wall or to create individual accents.

The Swiss Krono Group presented a variety of new decors aimed at improving the quality of life and creating a room atmosphere that makes you feel good. The "Adaja Oak" floors from the Robusto series are particularly oriented towards the natural version. Windmöller showed its "Purline Organic Floor wineo 1500" in numerous color variations and patterns. This flooring is based on the composite material ecuran, which is predominantly made from renewable raw materials like rapeseed or castor oil and chalk. It is available as an individual print on request. "Purline Organic Flooring" is sustainable, resistant and aesthetic, as well as contributing to a feeling of well-being based on its ingredients.

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