According to MAPEI, a leading manufacturer of chemical construction products for laying wall and floor coverings, the future is set to get even brighter for textiles. In the company's eyes, this material is still one of the world's most widely used and prized types of floor coverings - not to mention one of the most prestigious. Whether in rolls or as tiles, MAPEI believes textile coverings represent an innovative, high-tech, high-quality, versatile and sophisticated product with its own distinct character, making it the ideal option and a key feature in exclusive settings such as luxury hotels, cruise ships, theaters and airports. In all these environments, textile coverings, as well as decorative fiberglass wallpapers, bring a sense of style and elegance to interior spaces, the like of which has never been seen before, transforming them into something truly unique.

This development is now reflected in "TX" and "Decor" - two brand-new systems for laying textiles and decorative wall coverings. With these innovations, MAPEI is matching the exceptional charm, functionality and durability achieved by some of these coverings thanks to new production techniques. Indeed, there have been huge advances recently, particularly with regard to functionality and durability. This is why MAPEI has launched the above laying systems - to support, among other things, the water resistance exhibited by many new coverings, thereby facilitating their use in bathrooms, showers and any area exposed to high humidity. These qualities aren’t restricted to new builds either, with renovation work also reportedly being completed more quickly and easily when using the systems.

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