Part of the international SURTECO GROUP SE and based in Germany, Döllken Profiles is a plastics processing company that specializes in skirting boards, technical profiles, roller shutters and lighting systems. As a market leader, Döllken supplies companies all over the world, primarily in the construction industry. However, it is not solely focused on hardware - the company also addresses processing and installation issues, taking unsuspecting customers by surprise with solutions that are as simple as they are helpful.

The new strip cutter for luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) is a perfect example of this. The original model, which could easily cut 51 millimeter-wide strips from designer flooring, was already exceptionally practical and user friendly. However, the recently launched update goes even further, expanding the cutting area to 40 to 140 millimeters. This makes the tool particularly suitable for cutting designer flooring strips for Döllken's D 60, C 60 and C 100 solid core skirtings. Just like the "original", the flexible version of the strip cutter can be adjusted and pressed into service in a few simple steps. What's more, when you've used up the 18-millimeter snap-off blades, which have a refined cutting edge and are thus particularly wear-resistant, you will find that Döllken has the perfect replacements for you.

Döllken Profiles GmbH (99428 Grammetal, Germany)