Viscose is a synthetic fibre derived from cellulose. Because its velvety sheen usually gives the products made from it a noble character, viscose is also often referred to as artificial silk. In carpet manufacturing, viscose is often used to highlight details and thus give the carpet a particularly graceful touch. Compared to real silk, the artificial fibre is particularly appealing because of its low price. Its properties are more similar to cotton, except that it is even softer and velvety to the touch. At DOMOTEX in Hannover in January 2023, the family-owned company Verbatex will be devoting special attention to the topic of viscose, as the Belgian manufacturer is considered a leader in the niche market for viscose carpets.

Thanks to the lustre of the fibre and the excellent colour absorption of the material, Verbatex viscose carpets have a bright and fresh look. Unlike many other man-made fibres, viscose allows maximum colour penetration, resulting in the vibrant appearance that is so typical. By selectively dyeing individual viscose threads, designers can create a wide variety of products with decorative markings. Sometimes these look like real works of art.

Incidentally, the viscose used at Verbatex comes from cellulose, which is produced by SFC from rapidly renewable wood as a contribution to the circular economy. By adding the colours to the viscose during fibre production (dope-dyed fibres), water and energy consumption are also reduced, which also contributes to the increased sustainability of the product.

In addition to pure viscose carpets, Verbatex also likes to combine viscose with other fibres in order to combine the advantages of several worlds. For example, polyester shrink yarns give the carpets an embossed effect in a finishing process in which heat is added. The polyester base shrinks, whereupon the carpet takes on a more woolly appearance. In addition, the viscose yarns give the carpet a natural, rich sheen. This 3D effect can add visual value to the carpet.

The combination with real wool, on the other hand, leads to an impression of fine, hand-woven flat carpets. The fine density allows designers to create sophisticated patterns by alternating wool and viscose chenille. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2023 will be able to experience how the creative mixing of viscose fibres creates a natural-looking chenille with unique colour effects at the Belgian company's stand.