Why are you pleased to be part of the CDA jury?

I am pleased to be part of this jury because it is an award 100% related to our passion and what we do every day: rug design. COVER is a benchmark for the sector, the most important from my point of view, so being part of the jury for these awards is a source of pride. Also, I'm glad that it's an award exclusively related to rugs and flooring, as normally all the awards where I'm proposed to be a jury member are in the design sector, but multidisciplinary.

Why the CDA is an important award in our sector and beyond?

I think that the notoriety of the CDA is fundamentally due to the fact that behind it is COVER, a prestigious, experienced and informative magazine that is a benchmark in the world of carpet design. This is what makes the CDA awards so powerful and interesting.

Tell us your opinion on the inclusion of the new sustainability category.

I think it is excellent that this category has been included, because for all of us who are dedicated to product design, we have to keep sustainability very much in mind. It has practically become an obligation, a necessity... At nanimarquina we have been focusing on it for a long time now, but I think that soon the objective will be not to have a special category for sustainability, as it will become something intrinsic to all products. It will be a way of working, especially for companies in the textile sector, as it is a sector where sustainability changes a lot both the way of working and the consequences for the environment.

Why do you like DOMOTEX and what do you expect from the 2023 edition?

It is an almost obligatory trade fair for all of us who belong to the carpet sector. Its size, the participants and the exhibition make it a unique and global reflection of everything that happens in the sector. We can see from designers with relevant proposals, suppliers, editors, manufacturers, innovation... It is a fair that brings together the whole world of the carpet.