Yvyra Wood Works from Xinzo de Limia in north-west Spain, probably better known to many under the brand name Exterpark, is one of those companies that sees itself as a driver of innovation and is always on the lookout for better, high-quality solutions. An endeavour that was anything but easy in the case of their highly successful "The Magnet" system. And yet the Spaniards are talking about a remarkable improvement with their now presented and patent-pending "The Magnet S" system.

According to the company, the new system speeds up both the installation and removal of outdoor decking considerably by dispensing with screws - by a factor of three compared to a standard installation system, to be precise. And the whole thing is said to be so simple that almost anyone can install and maintain the decking boards quickly and efficiently.

But that's not all. The Magnet-S system ensures a completely invisible profile. The elimination of open joints not only enhances the aesthetics of the outdoor area, it also makes it more hygienic. Dirt and objects remain on the surface and can be easily removed or picked up again without anything disappearing through the cracks. According to Yvyra Wood Works, this makes "The Magnet S" currently the most attractive option for installing outdoor decking.