In 2013, i4F was founded with the clear intention to question and improve as many aspects as possible in the field of flooring. The very first attempt – an innovative locking system – quickly passed all necessary test in terms of production and performance and was rewarded with a global patent. After the US customs authority also approved the import of i4F licensed products in 2017, authorized flooring manufacturers were able to switch their production to i4F's new technologies on a large scale. According to the company, business skyrocketed after that. By continuously building strategic partnerships with global companies, i4F's portfolio now includes more than 2,000 patents in six different technological clusters. Just recently, i4F received two awards by BMC, Best Managed Companies. The company was recognized as one of the best managed companies in 2020/21 by Deloitte and won the Excellence Award for Strategy in the same year.

The innovative company i4F seems to be far from running out of new ideas. At DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover, the Belgium-based company will present I4F Be-Lite, a new, patented technology that should enable a significant reduction in the use of core SPC raw materials during the production process of decorative panels without compromising performance. The SPC boards produced in this way improve the carbon footprint through the reduction of material used, and reduce the costs of production and subsequent transportation at the same time. All this leads to a remarkable advantage and is a win-win situation for the industry and the planet. i4F Be-Lite is available exclusively through an i4F license as part of the portfolio of sustainability-driven manufacturing technologies. The technology itself is the result of a patent partnership with CFL Flooring.