BM Home Tekstil, a family business from Basaksehir, a suburb of Istanbul, which has been operating since 1976, not only passes on the art of carpet weaving from generation to generation, but also takes it to new heights with experience and passion.

As the name suggests, BM Home Tekstil favours the embellishment of the home. The credo is that every home is a unique masterpiece created with the feelings and experiences of the families living in it. And the mission of BM Home Tekstil is to produce carpets with different, above all modern designs that give the many different rooms of a home that decisive touch that the occupants will recognise themselves in and that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

At DOMOTEX 2024 in Hanover, the Turkish family-run company will be showcasing a correspondingly wide range of creations and exhibits. Whether it's a coincidence or more of a marketing ploy, one of the collections is actually named after the capital of Lower Saxony. "Hanover" has a lively and rich texture thanks to the three different coloured yarns used in the weaving process.

Although machine-made, the exhibit conveys the impression of a handmade carpet thanks to the various finishing processes. These finishing methods include piece dyeing, in which the rugs are dyed and/or washed individually. This gives the rugs a light-coloured and mottled effect that sets them apart from other rugs. The base, the edge seams and the fringes of "Hanover" are in anthracite or ecru.