As beautiful, noble and individual as handmade carpets may be - without their machine-made counterparts, many floors in this world would remain hard, cold and uncomfortable. And machines in this context by no means only mean industrial looms. Anyone who wants to get an overview of the variety of peripheral equipment that can be used to professionally process textile floor coverings should plan a visit to Direkci Makina at DOMOTEX 2023 in Hannover. Based in Gaziantep, Turkey, the company produces just about every type of finishing machine imaginable for carpets and rugs - and says it does so to the highest quality, with up-to-date technology and at low prices.

Direkci Makina regularly exports its products to around 50 countries all over the world. And because, despite high quality standards in production, things can always go wrong, the company offers an international customer service with professional staff and the best service quality. In addition to the actual making-up and finishing machines, Direkci Makina has also been producing and supplying all the necessary spare parts for looms and yarn spinning mills for many years. The machines on display in Hanover include, among others, one back coating machine, one length cutting machine, one direct warping machine and one shearing line.