Eltex of Sweden from Osby in the historic province of Skåne is essentially dedicated to the development of yarn sensors and yarn tension monitors, as well as the associated data acquisition. Eltex's original product, the weft stop motion for weaving machines, has been continuously developed and perfected since its presentation in 1964. The various sensors are suitable for weaving machines, warping creels, tufting machines, winders, sewing machines and a wide range of other production machines. The Swedes are now presenting the new G3s yarn break sensor for the first time at DOMOTEX 2023 in Hanover.

The G3s yarn break sensor uses piezoelectric technology to detect the movement of all types of yarns in many different applications. As it does not rely on a central control unit, control can be very cost effective. The G3s is designed to detect yarn breaks on textile machines with up to 120 yarns. Available with eight, ten or twelve eyelets, individual sensors can also be linked together. They are then connected to a machine control system (PLC) or other electronic devices such as relays or I/O modules. And should it not be possible to connect the G3s or other Eltex sensors such as EVG-s or UPG directly to the PLC, an Eltex FlexiHub can be used instead.