active online GmbH helps manufacturers, traders and floorlayers harness the power of cross-media and interactive sales promotion by depicting their various different solutions in colorfast, photograph-like detail. Its techniques work as well on paper as they do for online media, mobile solutions, point-of-sale displays, digitalization and digital printing. At DOMOTEX 2020, the company is seizing the perfect opportunity to unveil its AI tool for automatic, virtual flooring installations.

In the blink of an eye, the AI tool visualizes the floor of any photographed room to provide an instant, authentic idea of whether it would be a good match. All users have to do is upload their photo into the tool and pick out their favorite floor covering - and straightaway they can see how the new floor would look in their home. The AI tool automatically recognizes the floor area and – factoring in any chair or table legs, plants and pieces of furniture - simulates the flooring in the room with pinpoint precision. This impressive piece of tech even replicates the original lighting and shadows to offer a truly realistic representation. "Our customers have been waiting a long time for a simple solution like this for personalized product visualization," says Frank Schmied, Managing Director of partner company ESIGN, summing up the extremely positive response so far. "This heralds a new era of visual customer targeting." Besides depicting how floors would look, this nifty tool boasts a range of additional benefits that staff from active online and ESIGN will be more than happy to show to DOMOTEX visitors.