The new DryTile concept makes light work of laying floors and eliminates the need for harmful substances. The ceramic floor tiles in this system feature a thin cork backing that is slightly bigger than the tile itself, creating a precisely defined narrow joint. Suction between this cork layer and the floor holds the tiles firmly in place, meaning neither grouting nor glue is needed. Gone are the days when adhesive-free tiling was nothing but a pipe dream. The developers from DryTile are promoting the system with the pithy statement "DryTile - as fast as your business" and the formula "ceramic plus cork minus adhesive" - a simple calculation that ultimately equates to "ime is money". Indeed, according to the company, users of the DryTile system can install tiled floors up to eight times faster than when using conventional tiles and adhesives.

Businesses planning to refurbish their premises, for example, are sure to appreciate the swifter turnaround, as this will ensure they can get back to work faster. But speed is not the only advantage. Cutting out the need for adhesive means tiles can be easily taken up without leaving residue behind. Users are thus free to implement bold concepts - in shop fitting, for example - that are geared toward making a short to medium-term impact. Moreover, the DryTile system is installed using just conventional tiling tools. According to test results from the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, the solution is also suitable for underfloor heating systems.