Balta home, a global market leader in machine-woven carpets for indoor and outdoor areas, will be walking its sustainability talk with an impressive lineup of products. Among them will be RE_GENERATION, a brand-new and highly attractive collection of carpets comprising a high percentage of recycled material.

The Balta home showcase at DOMOTEX 2020 demonstrates both a strong focus on sustainability and a deep understanding of the market and its requirements and preferences. Using the latest technologies, Balta home has developed a number of truly stunning collections for its DOMOTEX showcase – collections that deliver real added value for business customers and end users alike. The carpets on display testify not only to Balta home’s many years of experience and expertise but also – and perhaps more importantly – to its unwavering commitment to creating collections that address the diverse needs and requirements of the market.

Recycling plus timeless design = ATMYSPHERE

One of the key pillars of Balta home's sustainability program is innovation. It is innovation that drove the development of RE_GENERATION, a brand-new product line which – to use Balta's own words – turns trash into treasure. The company literally takes old plastic bottles, discarded bits of cotton and pieces of leather from old clothing and upcycles them into its carpet collection. With their new take on softness, rich color palette and innovative structures, all woven together in timeless design, these machine and hand-made carpets will bring new life and vitality to any part of the home, indoors or outdoors, all while protecting the environment. Balta home has already taken the first steps to put in place quality assurance certification so that users can have confidence in its recycled-content claims.

Rug innovations you can wash

Alongside RE_GENERATION, Balta homes will be using DOMOTEX to showcase a selection of machine-tufted creations from its "New Generation Rugs" collection. The big selling point of these rugs is that they are washable and long-lasting. They are also made from a single material, which greatly simplifies recycling, fitting the ATMYSPHERE bill to a T and making them the ideal sustainable solution for any interior design scheme.

Balta home will also be stepping out at DOMOTEX 2020 with the latest additions to the Papilio brand it introduced in 2018. The Papilio range of hand-made designer rugs was developed in close cooperation with Balta home's customers, and the products themselves are made by experienced rug knotters in internationally recognized carpet-making regions of the world. The range is very diverse, encompassing recycled polyester and jute, linen, viscose, wool, upcycled cotton and even faux fur. As such, it is a prime example of the diversity and versatility that define the ATMYSPHERE keynote theme.